Thursday, April 29, 2010



I came home from BC to tulips in my front yard. We’re actually doing work on our front yard starting in about 2 weeks. We’re revamping the entire front garden. Someone that Jamie works with works for his parents in the family landscaping business, so they will be doing the work for us. Very excited to see how it will look. What is there now, is a complete disaster and looks like a wild jungle. I hate it. I can’t wait for it to be re-done. I should have taken a picture 2 days ago of the snow on the tulips. It was funny. I didn’t think of it at the time. I knew there was a reason I didn’t take my winter tires off my car though, snow at the end of April, who knew.

I did a book swap with Bea while in Vancouver. She brought me these books above, and I brought her these books. The books that I have, I haven’t gotten to yet, but I will. She brought me Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews, The Go To Girl by Louise Bagshawe (which she actually specifically ordered for me off because I couldn’t find this book at all via Chapters or or anywhere else and I’m not a member of paperbackswap as it’s too expensive to ship books from Canada to partake in that). She also brought me The Man of my Dreams by Curtis Sittenfeld,  Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews, Any place I hang my hat by Susan Isaacs as well as The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn. I’ve really gotten back into reading lately. I had a bit of a hiatus but lately I’ve been reading a lot, which is good, since I missed reading.

Link Love:

- I love this image.
- This novel sounds funny. (Apparently a comic answer to the best selling novel Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert).
- Love this sweetheart pin cushion.
- Love this ruffled necklace.
- Mackenzie goes nuts dancing to Fat Boy Slim’s Rockafella Skank song. It’s way too funny. I’ll try to catch a video of it later.
- These adorable quilted baby blocks.
- Need to make some sachets for the sock drawer. 
- After seeing the French Press slippers that Kerry made, I want to make my own. Must find more time to knit.
- I love love love love summit.

Just got off the couch, catching up on some shows that Jamie recorded while I was in Vancouver. I knocked off some more squares in for both my versions of babette (v.1 and v.2) and decided that Babette v.2 will be 4 round squares instead of 5 round squares like version 1 is. So the handful I’d done already, I pulled them back a round to make them equal to the others. Will show you progress of v.2 sometime this weekend. I have a handful now I can photograph.

My car hates me. Whenever I seem to go on vacation, when I start her up when I get back (only after a week) she doesn’t start. I had to boost my car last night before going out, and again when I wanted to leave the restaurant. I had to also boost the battery again this morning when taking the kids to daycare. Since then, she’s working fine. Apparently Jamie said she did the same thing when he went to start my car when I returned home from Florida and he was coming to pick us up from the airport. I think I need to bring my car in to have the battery looked at. It shouldn’t fail to start after just a week of sitting there. Shouldn’t a car battery last more than 4 years though? I’ve had the car just slightly over that. Maybe 4.5 years now. I don’t know what the life of a car battery is though.


g-girl said...

love the shot of mack with the tulips in the front of the house. can't wait to see how it turns out. :) how fun a book swap! i have the ivy chronicles book too (but haven't read it yet) and the friendship test (also have yet to read!). something borrowed was SO good (there are 3 in the 2 more in the series and the last book by the author has nothing to do with the first 3 (unfortunately!). pretty image indeed. i've seen that ruffle necklace before! i've been wanting to make the french press slippers too--they were all over at stitches west!

Kerry said...

That is a really great pic!!!

You have to try the slippers!!! They knit up so quickly and they are SO warm! I slipped my foot in these and didn't want to take them off. It's a good thing my friend has much bigger feet than me or she wouldn't have gotten them. :-)

kate-the-enabler said...

I hope you'll take before and after pics of the yard work? (I'm sure you will... )

Amelah said...

Aww pretty tulips! On the Sunday morning when Sean slept over, as we walked to the park he got excited when we passed a set of condo's that had a circle out front with different color tulips!! That kid knows how to spot them!

Oooh book swaps are always fun! Cool links!

Tara said...

Wow, you guys are really doing a lot of work on the house this year (bathroom, garden, etc.). Can't wait to see the progress pics!