Sunday, April 11, 2010



Today Sean helped me lay out my Babette Squares, so I could see how “large” it was so far. I plan to crochet them together with black fingering weight yarn, when they’re all done. I really want to be able to place each square in it’s right place (color wise) when it’s done. I have certain colors that I don’t want next to each other. Above, they were just all placed wherever, so that I could see the size. I think I like the 12 squares wide for it. It’ll be a couch blanket, for watching tv, etc…! I’ve got 72 squares already and I think I’ll need approximately 144 more. (Triple 72 squares in total). However, I don’t know if I have enough solid/tonal/semi-solid sock yarn to finish this off…! Hmm! I hope I won’t have to mix in my idea of a 2nd blanket of variegated ones, to make the blanket complete.

Bea made a very good point on my last blog post about finishing off the Mitered Square blanket. At approximately 44 more hours of work, plus all the black triangles for the border, I don’t think it’s worth my time. Argh. What to do? I have absolutely no desire to continue working on it. If only I’d have started it with 31 sts squares. But at this point – I’m not going to start another one… I’d rather do a 2nd babette different (variegated) from the 1st one I’m doing, unless I don’t have enough squares for the 1st one, then maybe I’ll just combine it. We’ll see. Decisions, decisions.


Today I took a break from working on more squares and started working on Jamie’s belated holiday socks. I promised these to him at Christmas/Chanukah time. I plan to get them done as soon as possible. I’m working on a new design idea, so I hope he likes them. Those stitch markers that I’m using on my sock are the Locking Stitch Markers that I carry in the shop. I just restocked them – so come on by and check them out. 40 of them for 4$!

This afternoon I watched the movie Cars with Sean. I’d never seen it before. I loved it. Though, try watching an hour and fifty two minute movie with a 3 year old who has NO attention span. He was all over the place. Climbing, jumping, sitting, upside down, running here, running there. Yeah, he’s not ready for movies yet. I loved that Lightning McQueen’s truck was named Mack. Sean told me “just like my brother”. I loved Luigi, the Italian car. I love that he was played by the actor who played Monk (a show I dearly miss).

Tonight we went to my parents house for dinner. All my grandparents were there, so that was nice. I haven’t really seen my mom’s mom since Florida in January (except for about 2 minutes in passing last Sunday). They boys love seeing all the family together, so that’s always nice.

Last night I started reading Spin, by Catherine McKenzie that I got autographed yesterday. So far, I’m 3 chapters in (just over 50 pages in) and I’m liking it so far. Definite Chick Lit. I like. I’ll let you know more what I think of it as I read further into the book.

Today I love:
- These sheep & yarn beads.
- These Knitpicks Options Cable Connectors (I had no idea they existed, adding them to my wishlist!)
- These shoulder bags.
- These lamps.
- These Rose stud earrings.
- This black square onyx ring. I had one that I bought when I was in Victoria, BC in 2004. I lost the ring base, but still have the black onyx stone (I *think* I know where it is). Anyhow, too bad this one is a size 6, it’s too small. I’ve been looking to replace this ring for a few years now (size 8 or 9). I will one day find it’s replacement. This ring comes in VERY close to it as well. Too bad it’s 95$. The seller can make this in any size. I’ll keep it on my list as a good possibility.

The contractors start tomorrow. Two room ceilings have to be partially torn down and stuff will be fixed in the attic. It’s going to be a huge mess in the house. Ick. I haven’t figured out yet where Mackenzie will sleep this week (we don’t really have another room that has a closed door that he can be behind (he requires darkness to sleep), and I don’t think Sean & Mack are ready to share a room yet, especially since they don’t go to bed at the same time. I’m thinking about putting the Pack’n’play in Sean’s room, and just keeping Mack up the extra half hour that Sean gets before bed, but we’ll see. It’ll be a last minute decision tomorrow night. The good news is I’m stuck home all this week and I have a LONG to do list to accomplish. And maybe, just maybe while I’m working on this long to do list I can catch up on a few of the 103 episodes of Oprah my PVR has told me I’m behind on. Wouldn’t that be nice.


Big Girl Feet said...

Wow your squares are looking awesome! I'll see what I have in the way of semisolids in my stash, there's gotta be something! :))

Cars is cute isn't it?

And good luck with the contractors, I hope it goes smoothly!

Yarnhog said...

They might be ready to share a room. My younger son was always a pain to get to sleep. One night I put guests in his room and put his crib in his brother's room, and viola! He went right to sleep and slept through the night! They slept in the same room for the next four years.

dawn said...

Ewww I hate messes too! My boys love youngest watched it 2 or three time last week.

Anonymous said...

We love Cars! Today's the day I try to catch up on your blog, so expect some comments. Babette is coming along beautifully! If you see you're running out of solid/semi/tonal/etc, why don't you alternate a solid next to a variegated for one big blanket? Not what you had in mind, I know, but could look really cute. Or it is an excuse to buy more sock yarn! :D


g-girl said...

really? you just watched Cars for the first time?? We love it too! your babette is going to be gorgeous! :) i like how jamie's sock is knitting up so far. good luck figuring out where mack is going to sleep this week! love the lamps! i just learned about those cable connectors recently too--they would've come in handy while knitting up citron!

Bea said...

Love all the squares together. Have you repeated any? I really like the yarn for Jamie's socks. Very pretty. I seem to be loving gray lately. Cars was a really good movie. I think I saw it on a plane trip. Based on tomorrow's post (read first) I'll say that you are definitely reading this one faster.

Tara said...

103 Oprah episodes???? Are you NUTS?