Wednesday, April 28, 2010

04.28.10 :: 40 months/173 weeks + 97 weeks too


Sean is 40 months old today. Since I didn’t get to see him on Monday as I was in Vancouver, this will count for his 173 week picture too. I got in way too late last night to be able to take a photo with him, unfortunately.


Mack is 96 weeks old today.

Sean asked to hang out with Mommy today, as he really missed me. Since I was keeping Mack home from daycare today as he is completely jet lagged, and our flight cancellation messed everything up yesterday, I agreed to keep Sean home today from school too. He loves the tool belt I made him in Vancouver, and wouldn’t take it off all day. This makes me so happy.


I am so glad it fits him nicely.
readcase I did some cleaning up today, and unpacking. I was doing some laundry and came upstairs to find Sean in my suitcase. He put in a pillow as it’s not a smooth bottom in my suitcase, and he started to read his magazine while watching some tv.


He’s too cute. It’s funny what kids will turn into “toys” and “play areas”.

Tonight I went out tonight with some friends to watch the Habs game, and couldn’t believe that WE WON! It was quite the intense end of the 3rd period let me tell you. I was sitting there on the edge of my seat. I’m so excited that the Habs are moving on to round 2 against Pittsburgh! Go Habs Go!!! What a game. I worked on some squares for Babette v.1 while I was out. I used up those little mini skeins that I dyed while in BC.

I can tell you that I think I’m a bit jet lagged as well. I’m zonked. I think it’s a combination of not stopping for almost a week straight with awesome people and amazing things to do. Plus my travel home plans didn’t go as planned and that messed me up a little I think.

I do have some yarn that I received as gifts while in BC. I got some from Bea, my sister, my mom & Jamie as well. I still need to photograph the yarn that I got, and will show you a bit at a time, once a week. This gives me something new to show you for a while, since I’m on a yarn diet, and haven’t bought yarn since the end of 2009. It’ll be like it’s my birthday every Friday until my actual birthday in June. I think I have enough yarn to stretch it over the next couple of weeks. Yey for birthday yarn! And thank you to those who got me these great birthday gifts. I love all of it if I do say so and can’t wait to knit it up… so stay tuned this Friday for the first of the birthday gifts I got.


Big Girl Feet said...

I hope you guys are all recovered! Your bday present from me will be coming by mail....!
Thanks so much again for the fun week!!

g-girl said...

did he go to bed with it on? ;) oh sean cracks me up!! can't wait to see all the yarn you were gifted with. :)

Kerry said...

Those boys are just too cute for words Robyn! Sean looks awfully happy to have his mom back!

Amelah said...

Yeah for the Habs!! Lets hope they win at round 2 also!!! I BELIEVB!

Aw glad Sean loves his tool belt! You did a great job on them!!

Tara said...

Both my kids love playing in suitcases as well. I think I know another reason why you were so tired... ! :)