Sunday, April 25, 2010



Today Mack let me sleep in.
He’s been getting up at 6 am since we left home.
(I’m blaming that on the time zone change).
Getting up at 8 am this morning was a treat.


Today we had a tea party/craft afternoon.


The activity we worked on was a picture frame.


We had a nice group of girls here today :: Cynthia F., Bea, Kristy, Marg (Cyn’s mom), Laurie (Marg’s friend), Miranda, Kimli, Carol & Cynthia M. (who brought 5 month old Jack) as well as myself. We had a really good time. Mack luckily napped during the time we were crafting.


This is the awesome frame that I made.


It was a lovely afternoon.
Thank you Cyn for making this tea party / craft afternoon!

After everyone left Cyn, Bea & I (along with Mack) ran some errands.
Then we went back to Cyn’s place, picked up Starr & Cyn’s husband.
We then went to Heritage Park.


Mack played in the sandbox with a family of 6 kids.
(The mom had one more on the way!)


Then Mack ran around for a bit chasing Starr to get a ball back.


He had a good time running around.
So much, he didn’t want to leave.


It was such a nice park.
Very clean too.


And the view was just breathtaking.


I just love the mountains.

We came back to have some dinner, put Mack to sleep for the night, organize our suitcases (tomorrow Bea & I are sleeping at Jamie’s dad’s best friend’s house in Richmond, BC, to closer to the airport for our flights home on Tuesday. Luckily, everything I’ve acquired here in BC does fit into my suitcase. (Phew!) (There was a lot of craft supplies that came here to BC with me, that aren’t coming home with me, so it worked out).


Amelah said...

Wow, the view is breath taking! Too bad it's not as beautiful in MTL! I mean we have our sites, but wow! Nice park! Harley would have enjoyed it!!

Tea / craft party looks like fun!

Kerry said...

Looks like Mack had a great time at the park! And your frame is awesome! I love the pink you used.

elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, what a busy day! It all looks like so much fun!

Manicmag said...

Wow! Looks like your trip was a big success. I am so happy for you and your friends. In retrospect it was not such a bad thing that West Jet broke your borrowed stroller. LOL
Can't wait to hear all about it!

g-girl said...

how fun-a tea party/craft event! i love that tealight holder (i think that's what it is) in the background and the hexagon thing! the pictures from the park are absolutely gorgeous!

Tara said...

Nice frame! Seems like a fun thing to do for a wedding/baby shower as well...