Saturday, May 01, 2010



We had a very busy day today. In the morning we met up with a friend of mine at a park down the street from where I grew up. It had been years since I went into that park, so it was neat seeing all the upgrades that they had done in the park. Very nice park with cool toys. It seems there was only one or two things left (swing sets) that were circa my childhood. The rest was all brand new (last decade).

The boys had fun with our sand toys.
Of course the other kid’s sand toys were better than ours.
We have quite the bag of sand stuff.
Everything is ours except that yellow bucket Sean is dumping sand into.
(Along with 2 shovels that came with that bucket).
And my boys still fight over all our stuff, even though we have plenty.

Mack really LOVES swings.
Can’t go to a park without going on the swings.

Sean had fun on a see saw with my friend D.

Then a few of us played ball.

Sean came fully equipped to play. Glove, bat, ball.

Once my friend’s son was done playing ball with his team, Sean joined them on the field.

After the park, we ran home, ate a quick (fast) lunch, then made sure that Mack got a long enough nap, and then we headed mid afternoon to Sean’s friend Noah’s 3rd birthday party.


Here is Sean next to the birthday boy, around a makeshift parachute. The kids had fun playing parachute games.


They even tossed balls up in the air!

Mackie really enjoyed the birthday cake. He sat with one of Sean’s friends to eat.
They were being so cute with each other!


This is Mack’s funny “cheese face”.

Sean said the funniest thing to me at the birthday party today. He picked up a marshmallow, turned to me, showed it to me and stated “Mommy, I like mushrooms”. I almost peed my pants in laughter. Kids… they say the darndest things. I swear. I love it.

May’s calendar’s are out! From left to right you have Scouts’, Cynthia’s, Carol’s & mine.
You can download them here: (Scouts’, Cynthia’s, Carol’s & mine).
Enjoy! Let me know if you chose one (and which one) for your desktop calendar!


Chrisknits said...

I chose the bright colors. Love that design. But the sky one is beautiful too!

Amelah said...

Sean is too funny!! Mackie's faces too!!! Looks like they had a fun day!

Amelah said...

Oh glad Sean is loving the mitt I got him :D This kid is all about the sports eh!

Swing sets said...

Great time with kids around, isn't it?

g-girl said...

what a fun-filled day! the park and a birthday party?? :) i'm sure they were wiped when you got home!

Tara said...

Marshmallow mushrooms! Too funny.