Thursday, May 20, 2010



Today after work Jamie put together Mack’s tricycle.
Sean was a very good helper.


The kids played outside for a bit.

Mack copies everything Sean does, so since Sean was wearing his helmet, Mack wanted to wear his too.

“But I want to clip it together myself”.
Mack’s going through a phase of wanting to do everything on his own.
Also – he hates the word NO. It’s going to be fun.
Gotta love the terrible 2’s coming.


Not sure why Thing #1 was mad, but he looks so cute when he’s mad.
He loves the word disgusting. For example overheard yesterday:
Jamie gave me a kiss goodbye as I was leaving to go to knit night.
Sean says “Eww, that’s disgusting. Daddy’s not allowed kissing mommy”.
I almost peed myself laughing. Kids. They crack me up.

Lost my cell phone at some point yesterday while I was out with my mom. I lost this phone the week of new years and it turned up in the lost & found at my local super market. I was doing some groceries there a few days later and asked by chance if they found a cell, and I apparently asked the right person, and it was there (not in their lost & found box though, where they had previously checked when I had called). I last used it on yesterday, at another supermarket to call Jamie to ask him a question. I haven’t seen it since. When I called it, it just rings & rings and rings… It’s not in my car (my car is spotless as I took everything out of it when I got it cleaned (full interior shampooing) yesterday. I re-traced my steps but no one at any of the places I’d been to have seen my phone. It’s not in my mother’s car either (which we were in yesterday). I put a hold on my phone. They cannot see if anyone has made any calls on my phone until I get my statement next month (I don’t understand how in this digital age, they cannot check my records – if a credit card company can see if any purchases were made after you last saw your credit card, how could a phone company NOT see your transaction history?). I think this phone was meant to be gone. I hated it. I really wanted a new one. My contract isn’t up until November 2011, so they can’t give me any deals on a new phone until November of this year (it used to be 18 months before the end of your contract, but now it’s 12 months before the end). I found an old phone that seems to be still working. I have a car charger for it, so it’s been charging for a bit. I’m going to have to buy a wall plug (I have a hook up for cell parts) and will use this phone until I can get a new on in the fall. I really don’t care, I barely use my phone anyhow. It’s basically for emergencies, etc. I am not a phone person. Never have been.

An update on some crochet stuff, my Babette Square tally is: Version 1: 91 squares and Version 2: 37 squares. It’s coming along! I’m having fun making the little squares.

Link Love:
- Love this earring tutorial.
- Love these leaf ties.
- Love this pattern for a knit grass rug.
- These safety seats for airplanes for kids is a genius idea.
I wonder if it also works in a rental car afterwards, or only on airlines.
- Love this photo frame.
- I love love love this knife block. I've seen it in black & silver as well somewhere. I
'd love to one day get one (not in red though). It's the coolest thing ever!
-This is just funny.
- This cake mould is neat!
- Love these earrings, and the matching necklace. Oh, ok, and the matching ring!
- This chocolate chip cookie pocket mirror.
- This nintendo controller pouch.

Habs kicked the Flyer’s asses tonight. We’re back in the game. I might have a little faith… for now. Grey’s Anatomy finale…? WOW. Just wow. Crazy. Insane. Can’t wait for next season.


Sarah B. said...

The harness looks like a good idea, but can't be used in a rental car because you can't access the back of the seat. They suggest at the bottom of the page checking your car seat as checked baggage. Uh huh, what happens when the geniuses at the airline lose it? I just rent a car seat along with the rental car.

Amelah said...

No words can described Grey's! The only thing i can think of is; OMG! And I Can't wait for the season to start again!!!

HAHA Thing #1!!! Dr. Seuss, love it. So cute mad, angry, happy! Always!!

Cute earring link with the earring tutorial! Interested knitted grass rug LOL. Hmm wonder if the picture frame clock comes in ALL blue :D [If only I could tell time...]

HAHHA that knife block is GREAT! Mark would LOVE it!

Jennifer said...

I couldn't figure out why these photos looked familiar when I knew I hadn't caught up on your blog yet...then I remembered FB. :)

g-girl said...

well, boys will be boys, right? love it..thing #1. lol. hope your phone turns up. sucks that you're under contract for that long! love that knife block and those leaf ties. :)

Tara said...

That photo frame clok is really cool! Hmmm... I AM re-decorating my bedroom this summer :)