Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I can’t find my mabel’s labels. I use them for the kids’ clothing mainly. I know I had ordered a new pack of Skinny Minis with the boy’s last name on them with the hockey logo as well. It’s my second time ordering from Mabel’s, after having ordered a promotion package with a whole ton of stuff in it. I polished through those and finally in the fall when Mack started daycare, I ordered a new package of just the Skinny Minis. I used one full sheet (you get 3 sheets) and I know I have 2 more sheets in their original packaging somewhere… where? I don’t know? And now that Mack and Sean are both in larger clothing now, I need them. I need to label their stuff for school. I’ve cleaned up my office. They’re not in there, and I know they should be. That’s where I either open my mail, or mail opened goes. Where on earth are they? By ordering new ones, (and I added in some Tag Mates as well this time), I am hoping that the old ones will turn up as well. It usually works that way. Can’t find what you are looking for? Order new ones and the old ones will turn up. In any case, they all will eventually get used, so it won’t be a total loss if I do find the old order.

Today Sean came into the room where I was, running away from Mackenzie and screamed “CHEESE & RICE”. I started to laugh so hard, and it wasn’t even funny nor should I have been laughing about it. You see, I have a habit of saying “Jesus Christ” when I’m angry/mad/pissed off, etc. It’s a lot better than saying Fuck when you have 2 young ones in the house. Jamie’s trying to get me to say something else besides Jesus Christ, cuz well, that’s not cool either. So, when Jamie catches me saying “Jesus Christ”, he’ll scream out “Didn’t you mean Cheese & Rice?” It was just funny that Sean came into the room screaming Cheese & Rice. Better than him coming into where I was and screaming “FUCK!” Yeah, I like the “F” word. But I swear, I only type it now. I haven’t said it in… forever. Trying to watch my potty mouth… so my kids don’t get potty mouths too.

Tonight was a couch night catching up on some TV. We’re watching some shows that are ending (like 24 and Lost). Boy was I lost by Lost tonight. I swear, if the show wasn’t ending in 2 or 3 weeks, (not sure how close the end is?) then I don’t think I’d continue watching it. I started watching it because it was something Jamie was into, and it was something for us to watch together. Ugh. I’m so lost, that I just want it to ALL come together so that I can move on with my life. At least I get knitting time in and that wasn’t a total waste.

Speaking of knitting, I’m just about at the Feather & Fan Border of my Multnomah shawl. It’s coming along. I’ll get a progress photo of it tomorrow.

Today I love this video. Jamie went to high school with Annakin Slayd. This guy is awesome.
It does feel like ‘93! GO HABS GO!


Amelah said...

So Jamie went to HS with the kid singing? Col!

I can just picture Sean running around screaming Cheese and Rice LOL. What did Mack do to make him mad?

g-girl said...

lmao!!!! oh my word. can I tell you that we use 'jc' religiously and the monkey actually can say it. I love that we're not alone and I SO SO love cheese and rice instead. we've been trying to find an alternative as well since we'll be around her more. you and i will have to support one another. ha! hope you find the labels soon. they're adorable!

Jennifer said...

Hahahahahahahaha Cheese & Rice! I love it! I usually say "crap" then try and cover it up, but haven't found a good word that rhymes yet. So far Jakob hasn't caught on, though I have caught him, when things aren't working, like pushing a toy button or something, shaking his head sadly and saying "Oh my God. Oh my God." :)

Tara said...

Cheese & Rice! That IS cute! Yeah, you gotta watch what you say around the kids, I've had both mine come up with some doozies...