Monday, May 10, 2010

05.10.10 :: 175 weeks old


Sean is 175 weeks old today.


The backyard fence was finished today.
You can see where the line was where the fence was before.
It was moved 4.8 feet back (and it’s 68 feet long).
It’s a lot more roomier!
The plant you see in the middle is my neighbours’ plant, they’ll be moving it.

Next project, next weekend is to turn the earth in the garden and get planting!
I cannot wait to get started on my vegetable garden.
I can already smell the fresh salads we’ll be eating all summer.

Today’s Link Love:
- Love this Modern Outdoor Planter. I do have space in my backyard, but that’s just gorgeous.
-This headband, which is on sale here.
- These cat nip toys are too funny.
- Love this lovebird print.
- Too bad my husband isn't into funky ties, I love this vintage camera one.
I already have a small Seatbelt purse, in black, but I love this messenger style one.
- This owl pillow is just too darn cute.
- Love this @ pendant!
- I love this lady silhouette journal.
- I am a HUGE elephant lover. I love this silver pendant.
- And of course these matching earrings.
- Love these Knitting Nerd decals. I still have some left to sell - if you are interested in any - please message me they are 5$ CAD each. I have Knitting Nerd, Knit Girl, Crochet Geek all in white & black.
-These glasses pendant is wicked neat.
- This Gummy Bear Kissing Necklace is just too cute.
- These Rose Garden Mary Jane booties.
- These Kimono Baby Booties.
- Oh and these Watermelon Baby Booties.

I’ve been doing some more spring cleaning in my life, and putting the trash by the curb where it belongs and metaphorically it’s garbage day tomorrow. Feels great. Less stress. I couldn’t be any happier. Sometimes you just need to go in new directions in life, and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me. I am truly blessed that I know whom my true friends are, and they stick by me no matter what. I may not be perfect, no human is, and that makes me who I am. I can honestly tell you that I am in a much happier place in my life as of lately, and dumping this trash at the curb, just made it even that better. I’ve never been more confident in my life, than NOW. TODAY. For tomorrow. And the future.

And let tomorrow be even more beautiful.


Kerry said...

You go girl!!!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I desperately need to spring clean too! Thanks for the reminder!

Big Girl Feet said...

Your fence loks great- it'll be nice to have the extra room!
And good for you on cleaning house, it's tough but once it's done it's awesome!

g-girl said...

that modern day planter is awesome! love the elephant earrings, and the lovebird print. the gal who makes the owl pillow is talented! I like the pip squeak. :) spring cleaning. it's about that time, isn't it? i can't wait to do it myself. i am SO glad to hear that you're in a happier place. we all need to get to that same place!!

Tara said...

I really ought to know better than to follow your Link Love... Now I'm mooning over a couple of rings at that Etsy shop with the @ pendant! *Sigh*