Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The kids love playing outside in the backyard.

I picked up this soccer net very inexpensively and we blow it up & Sean just loves it.
Sean starts “organized” soccer in June. He’s very excited.

I’m glad the evenings have been cooling down a little.
If it remained as hot during the evening as the daytime;
there is no way I’d go out in the backyard.  
The weather has been around 31°C.
According to The Weather Network, it feels like 38°C.
Can you say sweaty?


This little cutie bit me this morning on the thigh.
Through my pj pants he actually broke the skin on my leg.
Has your kids bitten? What do you do for biting?
I’m curious how other mothers handle biting?

  Tonight I’m drowning in laundry. I suppose I shouldn’t have let the laundry go on too long, I haven’t really been doing much laundry lately, except the kids’ school sheets/blankets/nunu & bunny on the weekends so they’re clean for school the following week. But now I regret waiting that long and it’s really piled up. I think I’ll be doing laundry for the next couple of days.

I haven’t read my book in a few days, been dying to find some time to read. I will try to get that finished soon, as I have a bunch of books that are now calling my name. It’s just been too hot to do anything, it seems. The hit is deadly.

Speaking of this heat, I am crossing my fingers it does NOT kill any of the plants that I’ve planted in the backyard in my vegetable garden. Some of them look like the extreme heat is killing them. We’ve been watering them at night (as you don’t water vegetable gardens in direct sun light). I just hope the extreme heat doesn’t kill them… after all the hard work I’ve put into my garden.


Gretchen said...

Robyn, I went through this a long time ago (my kids are 23 & 22),my pediatrian suggested calmly telling the child that biting let germs in his mouth and I needed to clean them out each time he bit someone. I then sprayed a small amount of Listerine in. That stopped the biting very quickly.
Good luck.

Amelah said...

Noooo! I hope the heat doesn't kill ur vegetable garden either! I am waiting very patiently for my cherry tomatoes :D

Sean is too funny with the lined up soccer balls!!

Oy, Mackie our lil vampire lol. Come on, it is the new thing now, isn't!?

g-girl said...

oh my gosh! he bit you?? like just because or was he mad/trying to be funny? jw.

Bea said...

Hope everything is good with the garden. Glad organized soccer is starting soon. Sounds like he's ready for it!!

Tara said...

Yeah, both my kids dabbled in biting now and then. Just show them the bite mark, tell them it HURT you and that it's NOT OK to do that. They'll get it.