Thursday, May 13, 2010



I got the Mitten Blockers that I ordered in the mail recently. For myself, I ordered the Medium Size. I used the new fingerless mittens that I got recently to test them out. What a fun knitting accessory to own!


While in Ottawa yesterday I picked up a Cake Caddy at Michaels. I had 40% off coupon, which brought the price of the caddy to the same price they sell it on Wilton’s Website for (just about). Glad I didn’t pay full price. Though, had I ordered it online, it would have cost me USD (dollar is not 100% at par anymore) and also it would have cost me shipping as well. I have been wanting one for a while now. My Step-MIL has one and I love hers. Jamie said I need to bake more cakes now… hmmm, incentive! I saw this one too - (the ultimate 3-in-1 caddy (for cupcakes, mini cupcakes or a rectangle cake) and wanted it too. Maybe next time.

I have a few link loves for today:
- This recipe for sweet potato balls looks delicious.
- This silver button ring. Too bad it's not in my size.
- Wall Decals from this shop. They're ALL awesome.
- These funny greeting cards.
- This wind chime is pretty cool. (Though sadly out of stock)
- Black sheep soap!

Went out knitting tonight and had a great time. Was a little tired though, so I didn’t stay out as late as I usually do when I go out knitting, and came back home. I still had a good time out though, as I always do. I’m already looking forward to knit night next week. I’m thinking I’m going to go crawl into bed with my book (I’m really getting into it and I’m about just over 50% done the book. (On page 117 of 231). When I have the time to actually read, it’s a quick read, and I’m enjoying it. I am hoping to finish it soon as I have a few other books that I want to read as well, that are calling out to me.

Check out this neat video: (They’re knitting!)


Caroline said...

I love the mitten blockers! I sort of want to buy wooden sock blockers too but I kind of like my homemade ones. Maybe I should try homemade mitten blockers too!

Amelah said...

Cute mitten blockers! Did know people make them LOL, but why not eh!

g-girl said...

haha. the video is cute. wow, those mitten blockers are cool! will have to invest in some when i get some money. i didn't even know anyone made mitten blockers!

Tara said...

Mitten blockers!!! Brilliant! I gotta get me some of those...

And that 3-in-1 cake tray is DA BOMB. I love your mom's cupcake display thingamabob too.