Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I received a wonderful package in the mail today from Lauren.
It was for a swap she had me in on Ravelry.
I got some lovely super chunky Debbie Bliss yarn.
I would love to acquire one more skein,
as there’s only 82 yards in this skein and I only have one,
but it seems like it’s discontinued.
If you have any you’d like to de-stash, message me for a trade?


She also knit for me these lovely Fishtail Wristwarmers.
They fit like a glove. Pun intended.
And they’re purple!


Tonight Jamie & I had tickets to Game 3 Habs vs. Penguins.

The Habs played very well the first 2 periods. Going into the 3rd period the score was 0-0. The Penguins score a goal at some point in the 3rd period and we just couldn’t tie the game for a possible win. So now the Pens are leading 2-1 in the series, but it’s not over yet. Game 4 is Thursday night, and I’ll be rooting on the Habs. GO HABS GO! I have faith.

Last night I started knitting the Baby Boy 5-Hour Sweater, because I had the itch to cast on something wee tiny and a quick knit. It’ll go into the gift pile since my boys are slightly too large for a 0-3 month old sweater. I’m using Mirasol Hacho in Sapphire Jade. I have 3 skeins, but I wonder if I can get away with just using 2? I guess we’ll see. I’ll post some progress photos soon.

Today we left a deposit to move the back wall of our backyard fence just over 4 feet back. We installed the fence in late spring 2008. We decided to not put it where we’re moving it to, because the land behind our fence has a servitude with both Hydro-Quebec and Bell Canada. If they need to go to the poll behind our house, and put up a ladder and or the poll knocks over or somehow they damage our fence, if it’s in their servitude area, then we’re responsible for fixing the fence or doing any repairs necessary. If it’s on our property before their servitude, if they damage it, then they will pay to fix any damages. Well, the chances of them doing any damage is actually rare. But 2 years ago after just moving into this house, we were like “Why take the chance?”. My next door neighbour came to us a few nights ago and told us that he heard on the radio a lawyer or a notary talking about a case that he was dealing with where the neighbour behind was maintaining grass/land that actually belong to the guy back to back with him, and if he maintained it for 5-10 years or something like that, then the guy maintaining could claim the land as his, and get it added to his property servitude. Well, the guy behind me actually planted a floral plant RIGHT behind my fence on my property. And he’s been cutting the grass last year too there, since he sees that land from his house/patio, and if he didn’t cut it, it would look bad, etc. No way did I want him claiming almost 4 and a half feet for himself, so Jamie & I decided that we’ll bit the bullet and cost and move the fence back. We called the same fence guy who installed our fence 2 years ago, and he worked out a decent price, and he’s starting tomorrow (hopefully, rain providing), to move our fence back. I asked the neighbour behind to move his plant, but if he moves it before May 24th it could die, so we promised him that the fence guys would NOT touch the plant, and he could come onto our property after and remove it when the time is right. We also promised him that the fence when moved would NOT touch his property, nor the property line, and that it would be 1 inch in. The guy behind me is such an a$$hole, let me tell you. He had me on the phone just before, (he calls at like 10:45 pm when he knows we have 2 small children) to tell me stuff I already know, and go on about how he’s a mechanical engineer or something and he knows about distance in servitudes and the fence better not touch his property (as he wants no responsible for paying for any of it, or maintaining it, etc). I wanted to tell him to go where the sun don’t shine and to never call my house at this hour again. I can’t wait for the day he sells his house and moves. Hopefully a nice couple will move in. Their son (I believe they only have one) is about my age and moved out, so any day now hopefully their house will be a little too big for the 2 of them and they’ll want to move. I like being surrounded by nice people, and not negative, condescending mean folk. Ahh, thanks for listening to me vent.


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

This is all good info to know! Our lot actually goes to the street behind us, but the neighbour next to us on the street behind has a garden encroaching on our lot. I think I need to look into this asap!! :)

g-girl said...

the fishtail wristwarmers are gorgeous! hope you're able to score some more db superchunky. sorry about your neighbor behind you. any chance they'll be moving soon (for your sake??).

Amelah said...

tha sucks about the guy behind you, don't we all have one? I have 1 guy who i share the common back area with, but he is all the way down, the one i had issues with last summer and told me if my dog comes near him he personally would put him down!! Um i dont think so!

Wish you could make someone move! Good luck with the fence! Hopefully you don't run into any issues.

Snarsh said...

if you happen to need any more of that mirasol hacho, I have two skeins of it in my ravelry destash. I'm trying to get rid of some stuff I've had for over a year and destash before we move!!

Paula said...

Just had to comment...my Red Wings are down in the series against the San Diego Sharks 1-3...there's a game on today but we don't have versus so we can't watch it! talk about missing hockey?!!! (we're in Indiana now & they don't care about the wings here) Oh well...good luck with the fence!

Tara said...

Bwwwwwwwwahahahahaha!!!! Dude, you're still talking about the Habs!!! Man, am I behind or WHAT??? Bad friend, BAD FRIEND!!!