Sunday, May 02, 2010



I am so happy it’s spring.
I love sitting outside and letting the kids play.
We finally got the patio set up.
Now just the backyard needs a huge clean-up.
There are dandelions galore (because of a weed that was in my neighbors yard last year).


Mack got himself soaking wet not even 2 minutes after we got outside. That’s okay. Diaper it is. Love his little chunky thighs. From a kid that was always tiny (10th percentile for weight), he’s really gotten some rolls on his thighs! I love it.

The boys decided that the garden needed some work. It actually does. Some weeding and Jamie needs to turn the soil so by Victoria Day weekend I can start planting. I’m hoping that the 14 day trend on gives me no where near 0°C after Vic Day weekend, so that I can plant directly outside. Last year there was frost warning until the first week of June, but for some reason, I think the snow we saw last week is long gone and forgotten about. It was 26°C today! Crazy weather for having snow a few days ago.

Here is the progress on my babette v.2. (The non-solid version). I’m loving this one, and they’re crocheting up really quickly as they are just 4 round squares. After this picture (where I’d done 21 squares, I now have as of tonight, 28 squares).


I am loving this stack of squares.


Today I want to show you the lovely knitting needles I brought back from Daiso in B.C.
They are so fun & colourful.
I have a bunch of vases in my office, I collect needles. The more funkier the better.
I actually wouldn’t mind using these if the pattern calls for the sizes I have.
Aren’t they fun and cheerful?

Today I think it's cute/funny that this morning, Sean brought me a book on the solar system. He then showed me different pages stating "this is earth, this is the sun, this is the milky-way". When I asked him where he learned about the milky-way, he responded "From Caillou's Daddy".


Kerry said...

Love babette v.2! So colorful!

Isn't it great to know that there is still some educational television out there? Dailaesse loved Dora and it was amazing how much Spanish she picked up from it.

Hope your weather stays nice. They're calling for rain here the next few days. Better than the snow they were calling for. :-D

Amelah said...

Love the colorful needles!! Very funky. Babette V2 is looking good! The pic of them stalked is pretty cool!!!

Child labour!!! Just kidding! :-D they are too cute!

g-girl said...

haha. love the shot of mack golfing in his diapers! :) babette v. 2 is going to be very cool! lucky--i didn't see knitting needles at the daiso i went to! oh caillou's daddy. lol.

Tara said...

Babette v.2.0 is going to look awesome! What colour are you going to use to join all the squares? I'm assuming you're going to go with a solid?