Thursday, May 06, 2010



As promised, here is the progress of the 5 hour Baby Sweater I started. It really does knit up quite fast, but I just don't have 5 hours straight to sit down & knit it! I don't think it will take me too long at all to finish it. And the way it's knit up is quite genius, so it's knit all up in 1 piece. Have a baby shower next weekend to attend? This pattern is fantastic to wip up in a whim.


I got some yarn today in the mail from a swap that I hosted on Ravelry. It looks rather chunky but that's deceiving as it's considered only Aran according to Ravelry. The yarn came a little dirty, with specs of something in it, and I believe from the note that came with it, it was written that she picked it up for 2$ in a garage sale. I am going to air it out, because it does have that "sitting in someone's closet for years" smell. (The yarn is also discontinued according to Ravelry). I think I will also put it in a ziploc and into the freezer to make sure no bugs emerge from it, or there aren't any eggs in there. After freezing it, it should be fine to use, I think.


I also got this really nifty got bob? decal for my car window. I love it. I also got around to putting the Child in the Car decal that I got while in Vancouver in my window. The thing I love about these decals is that they're the clingy type, and not the sticking kind. This way, I now for sure it's removable and I don't have to worry about scratching for hours to get them off if we ever sell my car, etc.

This afternoon while working from home, I lost power for almost 2 hours. I managed to still get some stuff on my to do list accomplished, which is good. I don't need power for everything. I was able to fold some laundry and put it away, and then also shower (since there is a window right next to the shower stall, which is open on the top), and then since I couldn't blow dry my hair or do more laundry, etc, I sat in my dish chair, and read a bit in the book I'm currently reading, which I'm really enjoying.

I went out tonight with some friends. I decided to NOT watch the Habs game. I think because I didn't watch the game, they won. I'm telling you, maybe I'm onto something. I go to the game on Tuesday night, they lose. I don't even watch tonight, they win... Hmmm! GO HABS GO! Habs in 7! We need to kick the Penguins back to where the belong, playing golf for the summer...


Amelah said...

I also barely watched the game, was at a resto for a birthday dinner and it was playing in the background only.I hope they win Saturday!!! GO HABS GO!!

Sweater is looking good :D

g-girl said...

oh but you can't get into the habit of NOT watching a Habs game! looks like the 5 hour baby sweater is coming along.

Tara said...

Ooh, thanks for the pattern recommendation. It's always good to have those quick knits handy, isn't it?