Friday, May 21, 2010

05.21.10 :: Yarn P0rn Friday

For today’s edition of Yarn P0rn Friday, I am going to show you the Nashua yarns I got from Dressew Supply Shop in Vancouver, B.C. Both my mom & Jamie had given me birthday yarn money before leaving to Vancouver. I made sure to spend it wisely so I could stretch it as far as it could go. I can tell you that I think I did a fantastic job. Here’s some of the loot that I picked up.

10 skeins of Nashua Snowbird in Coral.


10 skeins of Nashua Creative Focus DK in a teal green shade (430).

  3 skeins of Nashua Creative Focus Superwash in Purple (15).
(I also ended up with another skein of this yarn, in another colorway, which was intended as a gift for someone, who ended up not deserving receiving it from me, so now I have an extra skein (not complaining!). Maybe I can use it with these 3 skeins and do some colorwork with it. We’ll see. Or maybe I’ll find someone who is deserving of the skein to give it to).

That concludes today’s Yarn P0rn Friday.


Today I:
- worked.
- picked up one of the last finishing touches for the loot bags for Mack’s 2nd birthday party.
- hooked up my cell phone to my old cell that I had (2 phones ago). It’s a good thing I save my old phones for the kids to play with instead of throwing them out. Now I have what to use until I can get an upgrade in November.
- worked on some more squares for Babette v2.
- Caught up on a LOT of tv tonight.
- Read a bit more in SAHM I Am. I’m glazing over all the religious stuff & just enjoying the SAHM stuff in the book. I’m more than halfway done, so I’m going to just finish it.


Amelah said...

Wow that is a lot of yarn! How much money did you get LOL!

Who did you pick up yarn that doesn't deserve it anymore?!? Details!

Aw glad you decided to finish it. Hey at least you only have to read it once right!

Sucks about your cell phone!

Big Girl Feet said...

You got lots of lovely yarn!! Did you keep any of the Regia?

g-girl said...

love the teal green yarn you picked up. the lavender is pretty too.

Bea said...

Here I am trying to remember who you were giving skeins of that yarn to.

Tara said...

Nice loot! But tell me, how are you going to manage staying on your yarn diet in Rhinebeck this year? :)