Wednesday, May 05, 2010

05.05.10 :: 98 weeks old

Mack is 98 weeks old today.


Today I had a dentist appointment for Sean & I. I was running late, so I brought Mack along too. Bad mistake, he just wanted to sit on my lap while I was getting my teeth cleaned. Silly boy. Sean got him distracted for a bit, and it was okay in the end. Next time, though, in 6 months from now, Mack will be coming along too – for his first ever visit – so hopefully that will go okay, and since he’ll be almost 2 and a half by then, he’ll hopefully behave a little better than he did today.

Sean & I both have no cavities!


Today after daycare I took the kids to the park.
They love the park (which is conveniently located in front of our driveway).
I worked a bit on the sweater I started, while Mack played in the sand.

Jamie was home from work already, so he played some baseball with Sean in the park.


Sean’s getting really good at catching the ball.
He’s quite the athlete!

On days like today, when I can enjoy time in the park with the boys, I enjoy having my homemade meat sauce in the freezer, so that I can pop it into the microwave, boil water, cook (whole wheat) noodles and voila, dinner. Oh, and it takes no time at all for a nice little side salad. I make sure also to only have pasta on bath nights, because the boys seems to get it everywhere… including in their hair. Not sure how that happens, but I’m sure every kid ends up like that after pasta with sauce!

Now that both boys are in bed, Jamie’s at softball (the season just started this past weekend), I’m going to go pop on the couch and work on the sweater I started. I will take progress photos tomorrow. Promise.


Yarnhog said...

I nursed a baby through an entire teeth cleaning. I don't recommend it, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Glad no one has cavities!

Amelah said...

Blah i have to go to the dentist, just waiting until mid sumer - so many bills due in the month and a half and so many parties lol! It's insane!!

Can't wait to see Sean play soccer!!! He is quite the athlete!!!

Anonymous said...

I love having a park close by! Mine's not as close as across the street (!) but even with only 30 minutes before bedtime we still have time to go there and get some good runs in on the swings and slide before getting home. It's perfect when you have kids!

g-girl said...

haha. i love that you serve pasta on bath nights!! at least you know they love their pasta. :) yay for no cavities!

Tara said...

And when you can pop into your garden to get some salad fixins, it'll be even easier!