Friday, May 07, 2010

05.07.10 :: Yarn P0rn Friday

After some delays due to the weather over the last few days (rain), our fence project has been started. We’re moving the fence back almost 4 and a half feet, to extend our backyard larger. (See here for full details on why). I am hoping that the fence will be done on Monday since it wasn’t finished by today (as promised). I also hope that we get some decent weather so that the cement holding up the posts dry properly.


I’ve been working on the 5 hour baby sweater. I’ve managed to get the point on the body today (way advanced from this image as both sleeves are now done) where I’m at the part in the pattern just before the garter stitch edging at the bottom of the cardigan. However, I feel that it’s a tad too short in length for the body, so I think I’m going to do a few more rows in stockinette stitch before I do the garter edge bottom. How many rows I will do – that I don’t know yet. So since I’m not sure, I worked on a new project that I started last night.


I started the Multnomah shawl. (My Ravelry Project). I’ve had this in my queue for almost a year now (since August 20, 2009), and after talking with one of my pen pals in our letter writing (yes! actual pen & paper writing!), she has convinced me that it’s a quick & easy knit, and I should make one. I’ve been itching to cast on another shawl, since having misplaced my Ishbel. I say misplaced, because I know it will show up, it has to. I know it’s in the house somewhere… just need to figure out where that somewhere is. I hope it’s not off having a love affair with the remote control that we lost that still hasn’t turned up.


For today’s edition of Yarn P0rn Friday, I’m featuring the gift I got from Bea while we were in Vancouver. She picked up this skein of Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Saltwater for me, at Three Bags Full. This is my first skein of Sweet Georgia. I’d heard of this yarn before, even inquired to get some into the shop, but she went on a dying hiatus for a while. She’s back dying now, and it didn’t work out for timing, but we almost got to go to meet Felicia in her dying studio. Kim Werker tried to hook us up, but unfortunately it just didn’t work out. Can’t wait to try out the yarn. Thank you so much Bea for the lovely yarn for my birthday!

Speaking of yarn, I’ve been doing some Spring Cleaning, and I have some yarn listed on my Trade/Sell Page on Ravelry. If anyone is interested in any of it – please let me know. I will be adding more shortly, but this is what I was able to get listed so far. I hope some of this yarn can go to homes where it’ll get knitted!


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I hope you find your Ishbel some day!! Mine has stalled for a bit while I catch up with my EZ project. Happy Mother's Day! (Maybe you'll get more yarn!)

Amelah said...

OMG, u r not going to believe my Thursdays post when I mentioned a NEW project I started...yeah well it is a shawl..and believe it or not it is the Multnomah shawl!! I did not even know it was in your queue. Great minds think alike?

g-girl said...

can't wait to see your finished multnomah. if you can, try to extend the feather and fan border because it looks so much more beautiful that way! wow, sweet georgia yarn! I've been wanting to try that stuff for a while too. :) hope the fence gets done today.

Tara said...

Both sisters knitting the same shawl, eh? Hmmmm! :)