Monday, May 17, 2010

05.17.10 :: 176 weeks old & 23 months old


Sean is 176 weeks old today.

Mack is 23 months old today.
I can’t believe there is only a month left until his birthday.

Sean had his swimming lesson this morning. I had a very difficult time getting him into the water at first. Then he wouldn’t swim with his teacher. Then there was an incident with a flying toy seal that hit his teacher in the mouth and cut her gum or lip (she was bleeding a little bit), which he apologized for. Oh, what a morning. He did manage to get at least 15 minutes out of his 30 minute swim class today.


I picked up the boys early today from school as my parents pool is just about ready.

I say just about ready, because they keep their pool at around 95-98°F during the summer, and today when we went in, it was only 83°F. The pool we go to for the boys swimming lessons is kept at about 83°F, so we’re used to that temp. I don’t mind it warmer though, I am certainly not complaining. It was in the low 20°F’s today, so that’s probably why the pool (which is solar heated) wasn’t so warm.



It’s so nice to  have the luxury of my parent’s pool. And the ability to pick up the kids early from daycare and jump into the pool!

I’ve been thinking about:
- My garden plot, and what I will be planting where. Hoping to get the plants into the earth next weekend (long weekend).
- If I should continue reading SAHM I Am, which is overly religious and a little bit bothersome. I’m already 65 pages in though. Hmph.
- That it’s been 4 months 2 weeks and 1 day since I started my yarn diet & going strong. Accepting gifts for my upcoming birthday in yarn though (hee hee!)
- Catching up on a few TV shows that I have on my PVR once the regular season stuff ends.
- The next Habs game, tomorrow night. Nervous! Hoping our boys win a game.
- A larger car (like a mini-van). My little Acura EL is starting to get a little cramped with the 2 boys. One day there’s going to be hockey equipment and school bags and who knows what else in my car. My little car is starting to feel a little claustrophobic. Thinking about how I’d possibly go about getting a new car, selling mine? trading mine in? Not sure how that works… Must look into that.
- Ripping my left leg off or scratching the c.r.a.p. out of it. Damn those mosquitoes. Me no like mosquitoes.
- The nice lunch I had with my friend Gillian today. I love catching up with her. We get together for lunch every couple of months, we really should make it more often.


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I can't believe you were swimming outside today! The sun finally came out in Ontario, but it didn't get that warm! :) And good job on the yarn diet - I'm impressed. Last thing, stop reading that book - life is too short! :)

Kimber said...

yes! Great job on the yarn diet. I guess I am on one too but I didn't realize it until now!

Robyn, your boys! So big and handsome!

g-girl said...

eesh..sounds like swim class was a bust. poor teacher and poor you! hmm..are you mini-van ready? you'd probably get more $$ if you sold it on your own than if you traded it in but who knows. wish i had a remedy for mosquito bites. they love me too. :P

Amelah said...

Looks like fun - wish i could leave work early to go swimming!!!

Yeah i am going to want a 4 door SUV or something soon....2 door cars + picking up nephews = not fun!!!!

Bea said...

I like the pool car thing.

Tara said...

I like that you consider 83° to be on the cool side for a pool... *Snort!*