Sunday, May 16, 2010



The boys were in serious need of a haircut.
Ok, desperate.
My mom has been bugging me for a few weeks now to get their hair cut.
I usually take them every 3 months.
Well, this time… in 3 months, their hair grow wildly.

Sean after his haircut.
Lookin’ handsome.


Mackenzie & his wild wild hair.

He was NOT happy to be in the chair (which is actually a toy car).
He was NOT happy with the hair razor thing she used.
He was still not happy with the scissors.
He wouldn’t even look at me to take a picture afterwards.
He’s handsome though. Trust me.
I’ll get a better picture tomorrow.
I can’t believe he’s 23 months old tomorrow.

We hung out with my mom (and with my dad) for the rest of the afternoon. My mom came with the the hair appointment, and then we went for ice cream. Afterwards, we went back to my parents house and the kids played outside for a bit. We went for a walk with the kids & my mom’s dog, and then Sean had fun playing with bubbles while Mack chased around a ball. It was so nice outside. Mackenzie kept trying to lick the bubbles wand– so we’ll save that for another time for him. We had our usual Sunday night dinner at my parents house, and then came back to watch the Habs get clobbered by the Flyers. It’s only game one. It’s not over yet.

I started a new book tonight called SAHM I Am by Meredith Efken. While so far it’s not bad, I am not enjoying some of the religious stuff in the book. I am trying to push that out while reading the rest of it. Some of the characters though seem too extreme and very unrealistic. It’s laid out in e-mail format throughout the book which is a format I enjoy (from reading Holly’s Inbox recently). I can tell you that I am only reading this book for the "SAHM" (Stay-at-home-mom) part of it. It seems that every character in the book is Christian and many are pastor's wives. The e-mail format is cute for a light read, and like I said before, I enjoy that style. I don't mind reading about people who are different from me, (myself being Jewish but non-religious), I think I’d really only recommend this book to Christian SAHMs. There is a lot of bible phrases/talk in the book, which completely goes over my head. Let’s see what happens as I get into the book – but I have a strong feeling about how I feel now, will continue on to be how I’ll feel until the end of the book. Had I realized it was so intensely religious, I may not have picked up that book. It’s a good thing it was only 4.99$ minus my 10% Chapters discount from the Bargain table at the Chapters in Vancouver, BC.


elizabeth said...

The boys are so cute! I'm glad the days of haircut fussing is behind me! :o)

I know what you mean about overly religious books. I read something not too long ago that I felt was beating me about the head, but I also read The Red Tent and had no problem with the biblical nature (probably because it was historical fiction of sorts).

g-girl said...

hmm, you know for me, if i can't get into a book within the first few chapters, i tend to set it aside and either not pick it up again or i do end up picking it up again. i think i'd be annoyed with all the religious connotations and stuff too if i weren't a christian bible thumper.

Amelah said...

Aw the boys look handsome as always with their hair cuts!! :D

Tara said...

I love it when Maxime has that fresh cut look. But Phil won't let me get it cut! He likes it when it's a bit longer and we can see his curls (go figure).