Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is our front yard before.


Before what you ask?
When it was a jungle.
Everything that you see above “came with the house”.
It was like that when we moved in.
Though, we moved in, in November, winter time.
And the weeds got WAY worse over the course of time.


Today, the guys we hired (guys that Jamie knows), came to start the work.
They cleaned up as much as they could today.
They said it should all hopefully be done by next weekend.
As long as it’s done before Mackenzie’s birthday party, I’m okay with them taking their time.
I can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out.


Looks so much cleaner already! Love it.

Today we had some errands to run in the city, so I got to go again to my absolute fave restaurant for lunch. We actually ran into my cousin, his wife, their 2 boys and his parents at the restaurant. It was so nice to see them for a bit, we rarely get to see them & I’m so glad they’ll be coming to Mack’s birthday party, another excuse to get family together that we rarely see. Mack (above) has been clapping his hands a lot lately. Happy kid? Naw, I don’t think so! (LOL)

This afternoon we all took a really long nap. Mack in his crib, and the rest of us in my bed. I really needed a nap. Exhausted from the week. We accidently napped way too long (didn’t set any alarms) and got up at 7pm. By that time I have no idea how long Mackie was up in his crib playing for, but he wasn’t making too much noise, so I have no idea. He’s very good like that. Plays quietly by himself. He’s really good like that. The nap was very much appreciated.

This evening was filled with some doing of dishes, some laundry, some updating of pictures on facebook, chatting with friends, cleaning up around the house (we’ve been doing some spring cleaning in the house, making sure all puzzles have their pieces, and all toys are together, etc). You know, the usual stuff. Still can't find that handle pin for the Trike. Ordered a new one. 1.60$ for the part. 10$ shipping. (RIDICULOUS!) Now that I've ordered one, I bet the old one will show up. Murphy's Law. Right?

Busy day tomorrow. Must get sleep.


Big Girl Feet said...

Your yard is looking great! And I'm very jealous of your fab weather you're having- we have the furnace on this morning it's so cold and rainy- blurgh!

Amelah said...

Yard is looking good!!!

Which cousin? Phil?

g-girl said...

i can't wait to see what your front yard is going to look like once the guys are all finished!

Bea said...

You might not like our front garden then. Its a crazy jungle but only from the plants we've planted. They just take so well that even pruning them back through the spring and summer leaves them crazy. I tend to just let them grow since all of them are flowering.

So you find that part again once the new one gets there and then you'll have a replacement one when you loose it again.

Tara said...

Wow, what a good idea to have someone come in and do the clean-up! I tend to get really discouraged when faces with big jobs like that.