Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5.12.10 :: 99 weeks old


Mack is 99 weeks old today.


Today my mom & I took the boys for a quick drive to Ottawa.
First we stopped at Denny’s for lunch, to meet up with my husband’s cousin & her daughter.
It was nice to see them.


We did a few errands.
(I wanted one store in specific for some items for Mackenzie’s 2nd birthday party).
The boys got some lollypops from the CHEO bear when we donated some money to the hospital.

The boys napped on the way home.
No big surprise.

My mom drove both ways. She said it was easier for her to drive than to have to turn around a million times for the kids. They kept asking for stuff. They kept dropping things. My mom gets nauseas in the car, so I sat in the passengers seat, and she drive. Needles to say I got no knitting at all done because the kids were constantly having me turn around. Except while they dozed off for like 30 minutes each on the way home. Though, I was so tired I didn’t bother pulling out my knitting. Tomorrow there shall be knitting.

What else has been going on? I certainly don't find it funny that Mackenzie keeps putting stuff in the garbage. Stuff that shouldn't be in there... like his bunny. Like some of the kids' toys. Do I need to lock the garbage cans? And the toilets too? (Found bunny and one of his shoes in the toilet a few days ago). Do your kids do this too? Sean went through a phase. I once found my husband’s PJ pants in the toilet.

Tonight I actually watched the Habs game but that didn’t bring them any bad luck at all. They won tonight, killing the Penguins 5-2. Onto the next round for my Habs! GO HABS GO! I can’t believe it! What a game.

Now I’m heading to bed and want to read a bit more in the book I’m currently reading :: The Yoga Mamas. I think I’m about 9 chapters in, so far it’s not bad.


Amelah said...

SOOOOOOOO Happy we won! What a game!! There was madness all along St Jeans!! It was crazy!!! I think it's time we bring the Cup home!!!!

Lisa (JeepGirl) said...

Hi Robyn!

My little girl dropped her stuffed dog toy in the toilet.... it is called Toilet Dog now and it just grosses me out to no end that she still wants it.

Big Girl Feet said...

Aww it looks like a nice day! Did you get anything at Michaels?

Anonymous said...

i had been thinking of you and your boys during the playoffs. I have never seen such exciting hockey in forever and a day. I'd been cheering for the Habs their first two rounds as watching HALAK basically win games by himself in that first round were unbelievable. Altho if the FLyers go on, i can't root against my eastern team, but holy crap i have never seen a team claw their way back chip by chip and upset two major teams. ROCK ON!

g-girl said...

hmm...wonder why mack keeps throwing things in the trash!

Tara said...

I've been lucky, neither kid has been interested in the toilet/garbage. But apparently it's really common.

Tara said...

I've been lucky, neither kid has been interested in the toilet/garbage. But apparently it's really common.