Wednesday, May 19, 2010

05.19.10 :: 100 weeks old

Mack is 100 weeks old today.


Today I picked a few lilac stems from our front yard.
We have one tree on the side of the house.
I absolutely LOVE lilacs.
(Not a fan of lilac scented products though).

I taught Mackenzie how to smell flowers today. I am not sure he entirely got it, but he certainly was watching me and trying to copy what I was doing. I kept trying to explain to him that they smell nice, and you have to breathe through your nose. Hopefully he got it.

I took my car in today for a shampooing. My car got absolutely filthy over the winter. The kids eat snacks in the car (it seems almost as often as they are in my car) and there was goldfish crumbs in every nook and cranny. I dropped the kids off at daycare and then came home, dumped out every item that was in my car (and now I am going to be very careful as to what goes in my car again), and dropped my car off at a place near my house that I’ve always taken my car for that sort of thing. My mom met me there & we ran some errands while waiting for my car to be ready. Very productive morning, actually.


This evening I went out with some friends knitting and made a makeshift swift with a mustard & ketchup bottle so I could work on some Babette Squares. It actually worked out quite nicely this makeshift idea. I was too tired to start winding them into balls first to knit from. Someone needs to invent a mini swift for mini skeins. That would be lovely. Maybe I’ll ask my dad to build me one. It would be small, so I don’t think it would take much wood or effort. Hmmm! Ideas!

After eating dinner, and knitting a while, I decided to treat myself to dessert. Mad make a joke to the waitress asking her to bring 5 forks along with the plate. So she was very generous and brought a HUGE slice of apple explosion and a LOT of ice cream. Then no one wanted to share it with me. I was no way able to finish the whole thing myself, so I did finally get a few people to eat a couple of bites (after their initial “I want to try it” bite). It was delicious. Mmmm! Warm apple & cold ice cream. Yum!

I managed to work on a few squares tonight for Babette. I have no idea how long this blanket will take me to do, but I’m having fun making the squares, so I suppose there is no rush. I need to count to see how many squares I have so far. I’ll let you know an update soon. There is an entire handful of them now. And loving every single one of them.


Amelah said...

That was very nice of the waitress to bring such a big portion - just not so night for her to not inform you the a la mode was more $! Oh well, can't win them all. Was a nice relaxing evening out though.

I definitely need a car wash!

Laura said...

Oh, my...what a yummy pie!

you know... I did a swift for mini skeins...I used some heavy cardboard and some small dowling rods (that I had them cut for me) and used a medium sized one for the middle and went to town. It was insanely helpful in my mini sock kit!

PS-the boys are getting huge...and just wait. Hockey gear takes up more of the car than you think! Isaac started playing this year. Oh, my....wearing fleece and mittens in the middle of May in the rink...How wrong is that???

Oh,a nd GO HABS!

Jennifer said...

Damn that pie looks good! Silly question though- why turn the bottles upside down to use them as a swift?

g-girl said...

yum...warm apple and ice cream always hit the spot. have you tried it with cinnamon sauce too?? you're too funny about making your own makeshift swift using the ketchup and mustard bottles!! that would be a nifty idea--a mini swift (one that you could fold up and carry with you!). :)

Bea said...

Could you build a little swift out of legos or something?

Tara said...

Oooh, pie! Great... now I want to run home and bake. *Sigh*