Sunday, May 23, 2010


This morning Jamie & I got out of the house early and took the kids to a couple of places that have gardens and one nursery place as well. We picked up the last of what we needed for the garden. Not everything in the garden do I start from seeds, so we picked up everything that we needed. We did pick up 2 huge started tomato plants (2 different kinds) so that we can have a head start to eating tomatoes this year, instead of waiting for the little plants to grow as tall. (Eventually those little plants will catch up – but until then…!) Jamie started a bit of the planting today, and the rest, I’ll be doing tomorrow. I can’t wait to get that all planted. It’s going to be a good vegetable garden this year, I can just see it. I’ll fill you in on everything we planted in just a bit. (Once I figure out what we’re actually planting into the earth, that is!) I also picked up a huge Strawberry planter. The guy at the nursery assured me that this plant will keep growing every summer, and we’ll have strawberries all summer long and even in the fall (they are “Quatre Saison” strawberries – basically if we lived somewhere warm, we’d have strawberries all year round).

My plans this afternoon got canceled (unfortunately),
so we spent the afternoon by my parents pool instead.
I love having them living so close, with a super awesome heated pool.
Even on a HOT day like today, a heated pool is fantastic. Really!

Sean found a pet caterpillar that he played with for a while (gross!)

Mack tried some of my dad’s beer for the first time.
Sean got a sip of beer when he was about 6 months old
(around my birthday that summer).
He hated it.

Thinking about it while he swallows what’s in his mouth…
(don’t worry, he got the tiniest amount…)


Yeah, not too happy with the taste.
He was pissed at my dad for a while after this one & clung to me.

But he was in a better mood by dinner time.
Playing Peek-a-boo with everyone.



Today is my grandparents (dad’s parents) 59th wedding anniversary, so they were over for dinner tonight to celebrate. Wow, 59 years. I hope Jamie & I are that lucky as well; to be alive & healthy at that point. We’re celebrating 5 years of marriage this fall, (we’ve almost been together 8 years (next month) and I am looking forward to 50+ years more. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BUBBIE & ZAYDA!


Amelah said...

So glad mom & dad have a pool! Was an excellent way to enjoy this nice heat wave in May we have been having!

At least you know Mackie won't drink until 18 - or maybe even 21! LOL That was too funny his reaction - I am glad I caught it all on camera!!!

g-girl said...

strawberries this year??? SO jealous! boy do we need a house. ;) poor kid..guess he wasn't meant to be a beer drinker.

Bea said...

Happy Anniversary to your grandparents!!

Tara said...

Aw, that was the day our knit chick lunch got canceled, wasn't it? We need to re-schedule that!!!