Thursday, May 27, 2010



I have a new recent love. Bocconcini cheese.


I enjoyed them in a huge salad today for lunch & dinner.
They were on sale at the grocery store, so I picked some up to try.
Have to go back tomorrow to buy another container. Yum.


Today I picked up the boys early from daycare and we headed over to an old friend’s house for a playdate. I used to go to camp with this girl who invited me over. I’ve seen her since then, here & there, but it’s nice that we have kids the same age. Her son is a few months older than Sean (and they’re on the same soccer team this summer) and her daughter is just a few months older than Mack. She’s due this July with number 3. She had 3 other friends come over today. One with a 4 month old. One with a 2 and a half year old, a year and a bit and due with her 3rd in October. Also another friend with an 18 month old. So there was a wide variety of ages. They all played so nicely together.


Sean & Zach were best friends from the moment they met at the door. Zach when the door opened said “Hi, I’m 4 years old, want to play with me?” It was too darn cute.

Mack has a thing for doing up buckles.
(He hasn’t figured out how to un-buckle them yet though- thankfully).


My little trouble maker.

They had fun in tunnels.


And taking turns pushing each other on the swings.



Oh yeah, and throwing rocks.
They were all involved.

It was a very nice afternoon indeed.

Today I learned something new.
We couldn’t figure out how the red back piece to stay up.
Figured it out once I saw my friends’ kids’ bike properly working.
Yeah. The yellow handle pin.
The one I let Mack play with.
The one I have no idea where it is.
And we only put this together a week ago (exactly).
I remember Mackie playing with it coming into the house.
Where it went from there… I have no idea.
Going to look around for it.
It is replaceable online though.
1.60$ for the handle pin. 10$ shipping.
Not cool.
Must find.


Caroline said...

I've been on a boccocini kick too lately. So yummy!

Jennifer Lori said...

That face in the tree is so cute! I've never liked bocconccini(sp?) cheese. Something about the lack of taste LOL. Any other cheese- YUM.

Jakob had an opposite moment like Sean and Zack. We were at the park once and an older kid of 5 was playing with him, and talking to him, and as we walked home (the parents lived a street away from us) the boy said he had millions of toys and did jakob want to come play iwth him sometime? Without even pausing to think about it Jakob said "nope" and kept walking home. It was just so matter-of-fact it was hysterical!

Sarah B. said...

Mmm, I love those little cheese balls marinated in balsamic vinagrette served with grape tomatoes and shreded basil! Hmm, may have to head over to Whole Foods in the morning!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

That salad looks delicious! Very summery!

g-girl said...

i agree with jennifer-love the face on the tree! never seen that cheese before. looks like the kids all had a great time together!

Bea said...

The salad looks really really delicious. The playdate sounds fun. Nice to have a variety of ages. Sorry about the lost pin as well as the crap shipping costs.

Tara said...

Bocconcini cheese is the best summer cheese, so light and refreshing. I usually eat it with tomatoes, fresh basil, and a little italian vinaigrette. Yum!