Monday, May 24, 2010

05.24.10 :: 177 weeks old

Sean is 177 weeks old today.


This morning, Sean helped me in the garden.
He was happy to show off his new gardening gloves.
(I picked them up recently at Michael’s for him).

We got a lot planted, but not everything.
On this side of the garden you have in the back the cucumbers
(about 4 different types) & Zucchinis.
In the front (larger part) you have Kohl Rabi, Radish,
Spinach, Snow Peas & Stringless Beans.

On this side, in the back you have shallots
(still from last year that grew back!) and Spaghetti Squash.
(I can’t wait to try Spaghetti Squash for the first time!)
In the front (back row), you have different kinds of tomatoes
(sweet 100’s (cherry), fantastic, big beef, etc).
There is also mixed in, some orange & green pepper plants.
And in the front row is the lettuce.
6 Pomme Head (my absolutely fave) and
6 Romaine heads (Jamie’s fave for Caesar salad!)
There is still stuff that hasn’t gone into the earth yet.
Sean requested Carrots, but I ran out of seeds.
A few other things I might plant, we still have room.


After spending the morning baking in the sun in the garden, we headed over to Sean’s friend’s house for a BBQ lunch.
We get along great with his parents and the kids play very nicely together as well. Sean’s friend has an older brother as well, and he had some friends over while we were there today. The kids had an excellent time. As did the adults.

The kids played in the sprinkler after lunch. Here’s Sean running through it!

Playing in the backyard.
Mack is so cute sitting on the little yellow chair by the swings.
He was the youngest one there.


Enjoying a brownie.

Chocolate face!

The older boys enjoyed some chocolate ice cream.
Can you believe, Mack does NOT like ice cream?
Loves chocolate, so it’s not that. It’s the coldness.


Love this chocolate face!

Sean fell asleep after playing hard with his friends all afternoon.
He actually fell asleep after I left my house (picked up our bathing suits)
and on the way to my parent house, 3 streets away…
Go figure!
So he got a 2 minute cat nap.

We spent the rest of the late afternoon until supper in the pool.

It was quite refreshing.
Today was a scorching hot day.

Even though I wore SPF45, I fried like a tomato today.
Ouch is right.
I am so pale & have very sensitive skin.
And of course, I cannot find where the Aloe is.

Last night we watched the ending of Lost. (Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the finale yet – this is your warning). WOW! You know what? I’m super glad it’s over. I was lost for weeks, months even, with understanding what was going on. I am glad it all came together last night. I have my opinion of what I think the island was (purgatory) and that they may not have all died at the same time (maybe they all died at the initial plane crash, maybe it was when the hatch was bombed, maybe they actually lived on the island for a while, that we’ll never know). Though, the island was “the in-between” and that the all came together so that they could go to heaven together at the end last night. That’s my take on it. What’s yours?

Tonight we said goodbye to the 100th season of the Habs. They lost tonight (after a promising start of the game). I watched a bit of the game at my parents house, and then when we were done dinner, it was late and the kids had to go to bed. Brought them home, tucked them into bed, and finished watching the game. Maybe had I not watched, they would have won?? Now, to find something else to occupy my time until the fall.

We still haven’t watched the 2 hour season finale of Chuck (we love Chuck!) nor the series finale of 24. We’ll be saving that for our next TV night, which will probably be near the end of the week as we both have stuff going on until later on this week. Glad 24 is ending, even though I love the show. There’s only some much Jack can do and only so many times one can attempt to kill him/stab him/shoot him, etc. He’s not a cat, he doesn’t have 9 lives… glad they’re going out now, while the show is still on top.


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Ouch! That sunburn looks painful! My aloe vera gel is in the fridge - I like it chilled. :)

Amelah said...

Nice burn! You should see Mark's wow!! It has been brutal out there! Looks like the boys had a fun filled day!

Jennifer Lori said...

I wish I could garden, I love the idea of it and the handy veggies...but there are spiders in this world, so I can't.

Kids are funny in what they will and won't eat. Henri won't touch Kraft Dinner with a ten-foot pole. Not even one piece can go in his mouth. But open a can of tuna and mix in some mayo and onion, and he'll eat it! LOL

g-girl said...

oooh, spinach and spaghetti squash?? can't wait to see everything start popping up! interesting opinion regarding the last episode of "lost." i only ever tried to watch it once. speaking of two hour season finales..i still have to watch grey's anatomy's!!

Bea said...

The garden looks great so far. So sorry about the sunburn. ouch.

Tara said...

Can't believe I never got my arse in gear to plant a mini veggie-patch this year... Grumble grumble...