Sunday, May 30, 2010



This morning my in-laws came over to babysit the kids. I was invited (with Jamie) to my friend’s 40th birthday bash. I met this friend in a mom & tot group last summer. Her son is just a few months younger than Mack. We’ve gotten close over the last year. I’ve actually known her sister-in-law (pictured above with me) for almost 15 years or so. We were really close back in high school (though we didn’t go to the same high school). We’ve kept in touch over the years. She’s now living in Toronto, but back in for the weekend for her sister-in-law’s 40th birthday party. It was really nice to see her. I’m really upset, but I don’t think I have a single photo of myself with the birthday girl. Damn it.

robynjamiewed After my friend’s 40th birthday bash, we headed home to change & pack a bag for the boys. They were being picked up to sleep at my parents’ house after my cousin’s son’s 3rd birthday party, which my parents took them to. We had my in-laws on the morning shift and my parents doing the evening shift. Jamie & I changed and ran into the city for one of his best friend’s weddings. Jamie was an usher in the wedding party, so we had to be there early for photos.

Unfortunately the bride’s dad was rushed to the hospital just before the ceremony was about to start, so her sister gave her away. We were updated during the evening that he’s in stable condition and doing better.

The ceremony was just gorgeous.

The bride was gorgeous & the groom was handsome.
They make a lovely couple.


Jamie got to see a bunch of friends that he hasn’t seen in years. We’re talking since high school years. Some people we got to see we haven’t seen in ages, and it was nice to see them again. Weddings are so much fun. We don’t get to go to many, but the ones we do go to – we have a lot of fun. Jamie has one more friend to hopefully get married that he’ll be most probably the best man at the wedding. Other than that, until my siblings marry off, we only have one wedding in the fall that I just remembered about. Can’t wait.

It’s been a super long day. The kids are at my parents house, but no sleeping in for me, Sean’s got swimming in the morning.


Jennifer Lori said...

Oh my god I can't imagine having a family emergency like that on my wedding day! (Though, the guy who was supposed to photograph our tables was hit by a car and in the hospital all day, but I didn't know him). Scary!

Kerry said...

You looked amazing! Especially you and Jamie. What a beautiful couple you are! :-)

elizabeth said...

What a handsome couple you are!!! It sounds like a wonderful (and busy!) day!

g-girl said...

my heart goes out to that bride! glad to hear her dad was doing better though. you look so happy in both pics! :)

Tara said...

I love weddings too. It seems like it's the only occasion we ever have to dress up and get down anymore! Sadly, all my friends are married now, so I guess I'll have to wait for my kids' weddings? LOL