Tuesday, May 18, 2010



On my way home from work today, I took the kids grocery shopping after picking them up from daycare. This picture above, is exactly why I don’t like to take them grocery shopping. They don’t sit still & try to climb out. They want to buy everything. They fight over the only working steering wheel in the car part of the car (there was 2 steering wheels but one was missing the horn). Fun. The grocery order was a large one, much needed and now we have some wonderful healthy snacks in the house. Ok, and a few non healthy ones too.

At dinner tonight, Sean asked me to cut up his monitas (fajitas) and then when I asked him if he wanted to try the guacamole (which I love), he responded with “No, I don’t like Mackamolie”. Not sure if he’s not listening to what I say, or he’s just being ridiculous. Silly kid. I even repeated myself, but he still was pronouncing it funny. Maybe it’s a large word for a 3 and a half year old? I love that Mack says finished as “tinished”. That’s expected for a child under 2, learning to talk. Cute, actually. Mack actually said his first 5 word sentence today. “I want more Cheerios peas” (Peas is for Please). I’m impressed.

I think my bites on my left leg may not actually be mosquito bites. Maybe it’s possible it’s another flying bug, like black fly? Or, maybe it’s a crawling bug. I was sitting in the garden while weeding – so I guess anything’s possible. The next time I garden like that, I plan to deck myself out in OFF or something. I cannot take these bites anymore. They’re the itchiest I’ve had in a long time. And the area of the bites have gotten swollen. I thought I had 3 bites that swelled, it’s actually 4. Now that the bites are starting to heal a bit – I can see 4 bite marks. Ouch! I wonder if black flies exist in my area. I thought those were mainly up north type of bugs.

After seeing how unbelievable immature someone that was in my life was acting over a specific situation, I decided to eliminate them from my life as well. This spring cleaning has been very peaceful. Life is too short to deal with other people’s crap, and so I’m moving on in my life. I honestly don’t have time to care for people who aren’t true friends and waste my time anymore. I’ve come to realize that it’s totally not the amount of friends you have, but the quality of the ones you do. This person that I got rid of, was a quack with their own quirkiness to begin with, but I have this person a chance. I always give people a chance before deciding how I feel about them. I was just simply dumbfounded by their ridiculousness, and therefore I don’t need to spend my precious time with them. I’d rather focus my energy on true friends and my family. I’m not going to get walked all over anymore, I’m a lot smarter than that. I used to think that I needed to be friends with everyone, have no enemies, etc. However, I realized a long time ago that I cannot please everyone, there are people who have total different opinions in life than myself, there are people that are raised completely different, have different morals & views, and well, I can’t be friends with the world. Totally okay with me. But those I am friends with, I gave them my 150%. There’s no other way. And I’d rather just give a small group of good friends my time, than a large group of acquaintances. So… therefore, I’m weeding out those acquaintances, and just sticking with my good friends. That’s what life’s about. And life is short.

What else? I was chatting gardening with a friend of mine today (Hi Mir! I owe you some responses back, I know), and it was nice. I cannot wait to start gardening this upcoming weekend. Still trying to decide what will get planted where, but Jamie & I discussed it, and we’re going to try planting pumpkins again this summer, in a new location, now that we have an extra 4 and a half feet by 68 feet long in our backyard. Pumpkin patches take up a LOT of space, and I am hoping that this year more than one pumpkin actually grows on our patch. We tried pumpkin 2 years ago, and only got 1 pumpkin and the patch overtook the entire garden. Hoping whatever animal was eating off the buds of the pumpkin as they were emerging, doesn’t go anywhere near it this year.

This video had me laughing very hard:



Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Now I want a treadmill badly!! :)

Kimber said...

Good for you! I think life is too short too and you only deserve good friends and less drama!

Pinkmin said...

haha ... hi Robyn! :-)

g-girl said...

life is definitely too short to have to deal with other people's crap--you can at least be more selective about whose crap you want to have to put up with for the rest of your life. ;)

Bea said...

Wonder if it is the rabbit eating the pumpkin buds?

Tara said...

I hear you on the grocery shopping thing. Taking one child is doable. Two kids? Not going to happen.