Monday, February 21, 2011



This morning I spent cleaning the house & preparing food for Quentin's guests.

He had 4 of his friends over to play.

Quentin was actually the 2nd oldest there (and the smallest one). Kyle & Nate are 20 days younger than Quentin and Mia is 21 days younger. The only one who is older, is Katie, who is almost 6 weeks older than Quentin. Quentin had a good time with his friends over. We're trying to figure out if we'll have this a weekly thing, or bi-weekly. Some of us want weekly and the rest bi-weekly. Maybe we'll just do it weekly and whomever can come weekly - will. You know? Maybe that's the way to go? We were supposed to be a few more moms and babies today, but a few people got sick over the weekend.


Quentin was in such a good mood this afternoon, we played on the floor by my bedroom patio doors. I love the light that comes in there through the windows. Good natural light.



Quentin is getting a little too big for the Baby Wrap photo prop I knit. The last time I photographed him in it the lighting wasn't so good, and I wasn't happy with my photos. I then forgot about it for a while, and went to pull it out today, and alas, he's getting a wee too long for it. I'm going to put it away in my photography prop box. I still have dreams of photographing other people's newborns.



I love that the boys can play very nicely together while I prepare dinner.

As of this afternoon (daylight still out) I had just about an inch left on Quentin's Wyatt. I was able to finish it tonight and now all I have left to do is seam up the sides. I am hoping to have a finished object for you tomorrow. (Depending on when I actually get it seamed and if there is still daylight out for a photoshoot with it. I actually believe that it will fit Quentin now. I don't understand the sizing on the pattern. The sizes are NB-9 months, 9 months - 18 months, 18-24 months (which is starting to make sense) and then 2/3T, 3/4T, 4/5T, etc. How on earth is a NB the same size as a 9 month old to fit into the sweater? And what 9 month old is the same size as when they are 18 months old?

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sapphireblue said...

Those baby sizes are so strange.

Tara said...

A crock pot blog!!! Brilliant! Thanks for the link :)

IrishGirl said...

Wait! What?! Yoga pants AREN'T pants? I can't lie to myself all day and say, "I'm doing yoga today?"
heehee, this had me laughing ;)

Anonymous said...

Baby knits are fun. Many of my friends are mamas and I love knitting for their little ones, especially since it keeps me knitting as they grow!

g-girl said...

i love the green and blue trays/dishes you used to serve some of the snacks! well, i'm sure you gals will figure something out that will work out for all your various schedules! i guess the sweater is supposed to stretch to fit a nb up to 9 mos??

Amelah said...

Looks like Q had a fun time! Love the pictures of him!! Super Quin!

Cool links, as always!