Thursday, February 24, 2011

2.24.11 :: 140 weeks old


Mack is 140 weeks old today.

This morning I took Quentin to the CLSC to get him weighed and he is now 8 lbs 15 oz (4060 grams or 4.06 kg). We're still under 9 lbs - yet so close. I'm sure by tomorrow he'll be 9 lbs. We ran into the nurse that saw us at our house after he was born and she was happy on how much he has been filling out. He looks so different from the baby I brought home from the hospital.

After the CLSC we went by a mom & tot group that my friend is apart of and visited with them for a while. It's a nice group of women, and even though it's a group associated through their church, it doesn't bother me, since they don't really do religious stuff at the mom & tot gatherings. The girl who introduced me to the group, her son took swimming lessons with Mack for a few sessions (we'd arrange it together). Right now because Mack is 2 and a bit months older, he's in the next level of swimming, but hopefully the session after we'll be able to put them into the same class together. She's really sweet, and due with her second son around Mother's Day. It's really amazing how many people I know that all have the same sex children.


After lunch we headed into the city and visited my friend Joy who is a crocheter who just got into knitting. While there, she cuddled Quentin and I attempted again to seam the sides of Wyatt. I'm having an alignment issue. Trying to align them up straight right now is failing me. I'll work at it again when I am not frustrated. That's a better idea.

I finally got one side of Wyatt almost perfect, so I left it be. I still have one more side to seam and then I finally have a finished object. Then I'd like to knock out 2 more of this sweater, for Sean & Mack.

While in the city, before returning home, I stopped at a store that carries Kushies Reusable Swim Diapers, as I needed for Quentin's swimming lessons which are starting soon. I had called Kushies head office in Toronto to find out where in Montreal usually stocks these swim diapers, and then started calling around to find out who had size small in stock. I had ransacked all our boxes of stuff that Sean & Mack have outgrown, but to find that I only had size Medium (14-25 lbs) and Size Large (25-40 lbs). Quentin really needs the size small, which is for babies 6-14 lbs. He'll probably be just over 9 lbs when we start the swim class and the size medium is ridiculously large on him. Now that I found 2 swim diapers for him, I now need to find a one piece swim suit (like this one) to put on him to keep him warm in probably 0-3 month size. The 3-6 month one that we have (from Mackenzie) is also ridiculously large on him. (Now, I recall, I made do with the medium size one for Mack, who at 2 months old was already 10 lbs 11 oz). I don't even know if I can find one in 0-3 month size, but I am going to look/ask around.


This evening my sister came over for a bit to have dinner, (I got to try Gluten Free pasta which my sister made for her dinner since she is now Gluten Free having been diagnosed Celiac, and it wasn't that bad). My sister got to spend some time with the boys, and after the boys were in bed, we watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, but I found myself nodding out by the time it got late. Now, of course I have second wind.

Today's Link Love:
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Caroline said...

Yay Quentin for gaining weight!!!

Can you tell me where you got the swim diapers? I will need some eventually.

Tara said...

Aw, that stash photo is so cute! I wish I had the space to "artfully" arrange my stash, lol.

Amelah said...

Thanks for having me over :D Had fun spending time with my nephews, and then some actual alone time with my sister! :D Glad you liked GF pasta!

The Back to the Future is a neat idea, and it was my Photography teacher who sent me that [hence it not being in English]. I am excited for us to try and do what, if we can find one possible to do!

I was so tired too! I came right home and crashed!

g-girl said...

aww, love the pic of you and mack and the last pic of you and all the boys is adorable too! that sucks about amy finding out she has celiac disease.