Friday, February 04, 2011


Today Quentin and I had our first class together. We signed up for a music class in an acquaintances home. I've known the girl for years, but am not close with her. She actually bought the house across the street from my parents house (a house my parents tried to convince me to buy when it was on the market - but I am not moving until the kids move out - and it's a little too "Everybody Loves Raymond" for me to live across the street from where I grew up).

Quentin stayed wide awake the entire time at music.


After music I ran into the city hunting down a package that one of Jamie's cousins mailed to our old address (that we hadn't lived at in over 3 years now). Luckily it was hunted down at the post office near my old place, and the girls there saw our name and hung on to it, as they remembered me from all the mailings I used to do from that location when I lived around the corner. (They saw me almost on a daily basis when I had my online yarn shop running). We're super happy they kept it and didn't send it back to the USA after what Jamie's cousin spent on shipping for it. It is this really cute stationery set. I love it. The large white pad has our names all around it - and the other 4 blue pads say stuff like "From the Parents of: Sean, Mackenzie & Quentin"... in 4 different styles. Its from this online shop. I have been browsing online, they have some awesome gift items.


This evening after dinner (which my in-laws were over for), we played a family game of Bingo. Jamie used to work for an educational toy company and this game was one of the samples he had. It was a great game for ages 2-4 (Mack & Sean's ages) to play. We actually had a lot of fun.


Too bad daddy (Jamie) kept getting the good bingo cards and won every game.


And Quentin slept through the fun with this little dog. I got him this one, like Sean has his Nunu and Mack has his bunny. And just like there are 3 bunny's and 3 nunu's (two for rotation at home and one that stays at daycare all week for nap time I have extra dog ones for Quentin. Not sure what to name it though. Sean named his Nunu and Mack's is just "Bunny"... Quentin's is an actual dalmatian from the 101 Dalmatians movie. Anyone have a good name for it? Looking for something catchy!

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g-girl said...

cute stationery set. how fun, family bingo! cute sleeping pic of q. :)

Laura said...

How about Domino for Quentin's toy puppy?

Tara said...

Maxime has had a dog/blanket thing since birth. We've always called it Puppy. Catchy, ain't it? ;)

jacquelyn karp said...

My brother carried a puppy around as a child... it was around the time he learned to spell (which was quite early as he is quite intelligent).
So the pups name is D-O-G. In his baby book my mom spelled it out as dee'oh'gee.
What is amazing is that when I had my son, without any prompting, he named his stuffed pup the same thing!

Jennifer said...

Is that A.W.'s house? I know she moved onto your parents' street (also the street she grew up on) and those cheeks in the background look familiar. :)

Fun playing games as a family! Henri has no patience for that, but we played CARS Bingo with Jakob and he loved it.

Amelah said...

Oh cool! So you can park in mom and dad's driveway and walk across the street! LOL.

Aw looks like the boys had a fun time playing Bingo!

How about Lucky since that was one of the dogs names from the movie! Since he almost got snatched and was lucky to be okay!

Or, I found this in google:

Not all of the puppies were named in the Disney animated film. Other than Pongo and Perdita (the parents), some of the named puppies were Lucky, Thunder, Rolly, Patch, Pepper, Dipstick, Penny, Cadpig, Freckles, Purdy, Wizzer, Jewel, Two-Tone, Fidget, and Spotty.

Bea said...

Not sure about the doggy's name. Dot was the first thing that popped into my head, but that might be hard for him to say when he starts talking.

So fortunate the post office ladies knew you!