Monday, February 14, 2011



I started tummy time with Quentin.
He likes it so far.
He's actually quite good with his head control.


Quentin has been all smiles today. I love it. This is new.
I love that I can get reaction smiles from him now.


I love this too. Chocolate pudding faces.


I really do love this new smiling thing. It's the best feeling in the world. Really!

Since we already celebrated V-day on the weekend while we had no kids for a few hours, tonight we just hung out, had dinner with the kids, and watched some TV once the kids went to bed. I didn't even get to knit while watching tv - I had way too much laundry to fold. The laundry is really a vicious cycle. It never ever ends. Just when you think your baskets are all washed, somehow they're full again. At what age can they start doing their own laundry? Just kidding. That won't be for a while.

That being said... knitting content to come very soon. I am close to finishing up Wyatt.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and got spoiled from your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, kids, parents, siblings or partner - whomever you are sharing this hallmark holiday with! (Yeah, I'm not the romantic type, can you tell?)

Today's Link Love:
- Thanks to Heather for the really cute Valentine's day idea on this blog here. I'm tucking that idea away for next year.
- I love this pillow.
- I love this baking dish.
- Sean (and Mack too) would flip out for a superhero bed like this. OH WOW!
- Happy Valentine's Day.
- Love this How to Stretch your Jewelry tutorial.


g-girl said...

ohhhh, i'm lovin' the quentin smiley faces too! :) wow, I love the superhero bed!

Heddy said...

I love that you love the "I am Momma ... " blog so much! LOL! I wait eagerly for her daily post (she has very clever ideas, and is a wickedly talented woman! Very crafty!). I have so many of her tutorials bookmarked, it isn't funny - I will never have time to do everything I have marked.

Nice to see someone else enjoys her as well :)

Amelah said...

Love the smiles on baby Q!!

Very cute pillow!

Ha ha, that dish is fantastic! The bed too! Looks so much fun! I think their Uncle Corey would love it too!

Tara said...

Aw, baby smiles!!! That's when it really started to hit me that this was a little person, and not just a sleep/eat/poop machine. LOL!

dawn said...

The cutest smiles ever, and pudding faces are the best!

Bea said...

All those smiles are awesome. I'm especially fond of the chocolate pudding smile.