Saturday, February 05, 2011



This morning the boys had their skating lesson. Mack skated a bit by himself without the bar. We were all so proud. He still needs to learn how to pick himself up when he falls down, but I think he may not be strong enough to lift himself up yet. Hopefully he'll gain that strength over time. His teacher had started out by moving the bar away from him and trying to get him to go towards it. It worked!


On the way home the boys just wanted to hold hands. Love.
(They really do love each other when they're not sitting on one another).


Quentin has started to smile in reaction to us. I love it. I love his little smile. His "My Mommy is Blogging This" shirt in newborn size is still too big on him. Hopefully he'll grow into it soon. It's a shirt that I made a long time ago, I think when pregnant with Sean. I had totally forgotten about it and found it recently. I don't even think Sean or Mack ever wore it.

Quentin in Warrior Pose.

Jamie brought me home my new computer last night and I spent most of the afternoon today getting myself set up again. Lots of software to install, and one of my programs was causing me issues, and I had to install it on my new computer (with Windows 7) and then finalize the set-up on my laptop (with Vista) because for some reason Windows 7 was telling me it was corrupted (one of the files). It was a bit of a nightmare, but I got it working finally, once the kids were in bed. I *think* my home office computer is back to the way it was with all my stuff on it - I have been feeling very lost without my home office computer - which is now a zillion times faster for everything. I love it. And I think Windows 7 and I can be friends. At first I wasn't too sure - and kept prolonging upgrading (I had Windows XP on my home office computer and still have Windows Vista on my laptop). But after prolonging it - and brushing off my husband's suggestion to get a new computer (don't fix what ain't broke, right?) my power supply on my home office computer blew and I had to get a new computer. I won't tell him he was right that the upgrade was a fantastic idea.

Right now I'm thinking about my best friend since Kindergarten and praying her emergency C-section goes well & baby boy is okay. Can't wait to hear the news about her first born son. I hope everything goes smoothly and baby boy is okay (she's only just about 35 weeks along, she wasn't due until Mid-March). Prayers for her & her son, sending them from Montreal to Arizona (where she moved to during the middle of the 6th grade).


g-girl said...

that is awesome that mack is learning to skate on his own! :) love q's shirt. it's adorable. i still have my windows xp desktop too! hope things well with your best friend in az!

Caroline said...

omg, Quentin in warrior pose is hilarious, I really laughed out loud!

sapphireblue said...

He looks like he's drawing a bow. Future archer?

Tara said...

I agree with Caroline, the Warrior Pose gag was hysterical. :)

Amelah said...

Go Mack! We need to pick a Sunday and ALL go skating in the afternoon, you, Jamie, the boys, Corey, Myself, Mark, mom and dad if they have!

Oy, they are too cute together! Hope it always stays that way!

Urgh, upgrading is awesome but i hate getting set back up! Windows 7is a wonderful thing. You will love it!

Love the super hero pose! LOL :D

Bea said...

That warrior pose (and the expression on his face) is priceless. So adorable!