Monday, August 07, 2006

All Assignments Done!

I've been finding Zeus sleeping & hanging out in really odd places lately. Earlier, I found him in the laundry room, on my counter (where I fold laundry, or keep delicates until there's enough of them to wash, etc):

Silly cat!
So, all my assignments are now done.
Tonight after school & work (Jamie) - we went to Jamie's Aunt's & Uncle's for the shiva house. It is really nice to see everyone, and it's unfortunate that it takes a death in the family to bring the family together, but it really is nice spending quality time with everyone. I plan on being at the shiva house almost all week (except Wednesday night, as Jamie has a ball game and I have to study for my 2 exams on Thursday).
Oh, I can't wait to be DONE school! Friday, friday, friday! Can you see my excitement???
I already consider myself a graphic designer. I have enough marks in each class to pass (without the exams that I have coming up) but will take the exams anyhow, to get a VERY good mark! I am already expecting a 91, 92 and a 95 in 3 of my 6 classes! Go me!

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