Friday, August 18, 2006

Do It Yourself Sheep

I took pictures of some of the awesome items that Angela made and got me for my birthday. Here are some of the homemade items:

I love cherries, and these homemade earrings are quite awesome! I can't wait to have somewhere to wear them to show them off!

Angela has a button maker, and so she made me three buttons. Cherries, an image of a sheep knitting it's coat into a sock (the image I drew for one of my classes in 2nd semester) and baby on board! Button makers are really cool!

While I was unwrapping the earrings, I saw the cherry bead, and the first thing that popped into my mind was - STITCH MARKERS! Angela was one step ahead of me, because there were stitch markers homemade by her, in my gift bag!

More gifts coming later.... (savoring the gifts!)
Here is a Do It Yourself Project I made for my Secret Pal 8:

First start off by drawing on the computer (and printing), or by hand, the outline of the sheep you want to use.

Then cut him out of the paper.

Tape a piece of yarn in the colour you want your sheep to be to the back.

Wrap the yarn around the body of the sheep until you get the thickness you want.

VOILA! Yourdecorative sheep is finished! I hope my secret pal likes it when she gets her final SP8 package. I think she's out of town right now, so hopefully she'll get it when she gets back in town, and it will be waiting there for her!

Today, I slept in a little bit, and then headed off to pick up some groceries for lunch. I was also out of Spray 'N Wash Dual Power (my FAVE product for getting out stains) and I've been getting out all the spit up stains in all the baby clothes that I have been getting from people. (All the pink clothes I've received before knowing if I was having a boy or girl has been packed up and will go into storage until we have a girl - which I hope will be our 2nd child!) I am not 100% sure, but I think my sister's friend who donated me all her daughter's old clothes, didn't ever use stain remover on anything, but luckily almost everything unisex was salvageable, and stains luckily came right out!!

For lunch, we had some ex-coworkers of Jamie's come over for a BBQ. It was really nice, and I've been cravings hot dogs lately, (with ketchup and diced onions on it only) so, that was super for me. It is always nice having people over.

This afternoon, I was working on the paid knitted item and something was NOT looking right, so I ran over to see my cousin who showed me what I was doing wrong, and I had to re-start the project. That's alright though. It's not due til Thursday, and I don't work and school's out - so perfect for me.

It's gotten really hot around here, I thought those days were over. I guess not. (Dang!) I can't take the heat, and especially with the added pregnancy weight - I'm dying here!!

This evening I did a return to Winners (baby girl clothes that I saw on sale, so I snagged them before they were sold, but since I'm not having a girl, I returned them. No sense in keeping them for a few years until I actually have a girl!) Then I went to Walmart, and they did not have what I was looking for (I'll have to go to a proper bead store for that I'm pretty sure) and then headed home. It was sooo muggy, I hoped into a hot shower and felt so much better after. It's funny how a HOT shower makes you feel COOLER after? Odd!

My friend Cindy came over tonight, I haven't seen her for maybe 2 months. Between school and being tired all the time, it's been hard for me to do things. But now that I'm no longer a student, I have more time for things like that!

I'm going to go hop into bed with some paid project knitting, and watch Disc 1 of Oprah's 20th Anniversary DVDs.

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