Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Final Grades & Maternity Shopping

I finally got my final grades, and let me tell you, I am VERY happy with EVERY single one of my marks.

Imposition - 86% (Class Average 83%)
Illustration - 92% (Class Average 85%)
Estimation - 93% (Class Average 79%)
Montage - 86% (Class Average 81%)
Edition - 91% (Class Average 82%)
Photoshop - 89% (Class Average 84%)

I did not make honors (which you had to get 90% and over fore all three semesters, but I did come DAMN close with an overall average of 88%. I am very happy with my achievements, and I can’t wait to get that diploma in my hands… (I’ll laminate it and mount it in my new office once I move downstairs into my new office to make way upstairs for baby S). As you can see, I did WELL over every class average. Not once this semester did I get below the class average, not once. I worked my butt off!

Today, I searched high and low for a sweater. If I had the time I’d knit myself one, but by the time I need it, I would not be finished it. I ended up checking out this new maternity shop I’d heard about called Motherhood Maternity and ended up not finding a sweater but a pair of maternity shorts, and three tops (1 fancier than the other 2). I am very happy with my new finds! I ended up spending 59$ (OUCH) on a sweater at Thyme Maternity, because the sweater just looked THAT good on me, really! I’d never spend that kind of money on a sweater, never in a million years, otherwise! I can’t walk around naked, so I had to figure something out. My mom found 2 nice sweaters (one in white and one in black - I was originally looking for black), that I will borrow, that make me look good, and I will keep them until my belly doesn’t fit in them anymore (can’t zip up anymore)… that will be the point she will get them back!

Tonight my family got together for my grandmother’s birthday dinner, it was really nice. I don’t see my family too often all together, so I love it when we do get a chance to all go out. Lately there has been plenty of occasions to celebrate, so it’s great!

Tomorrow night I am going to see the premiere of Trust the Man, with Billy Crudup, David Duchovny, Maggie Gyllenhall, Julianne Moore and Eva Mendes. It looks cute, and you’ll never believe that my dear husband agreed to go with me to see it! (You’ll never catch him in a theater in a chick flick. Maybe it’s because I won the free passes.. who knows!) I’ll let you know how it is.

On the knitting front, I am going to finish seaming the charity blanket, and then once it’s done, I will photograph it, and then I plan on starting Baby it’s Cold Outside from the Crochet Me site. It’s a baby kimono, that I had started from the Mason Dixon book, but I find that something like this will be much easier to crochet than knit. Maybe I’ll knit one and crochet one. We’ll see. I have some nice blue yarn, so I need to get started for some articles for baby S. (My little Monkey is what I’ve been calling him, cuz he’s always moving around!) I also have J’s sock number 2 to start…

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