Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Shoes & Other Stuff

This morning I went into class, handed in my final assignement, did a very quick color seperation quiz in class in front of my teacher (one on one) and got my Illustrator Project back (the Barbie girl I did) - got 35/40 which is a 87.5% and I'm very happy with that. Yesterday, I got back my 16 page brochure that I did - (she only corrected 3 of our projects from 11 of us, and mine happened to be one of them) and I got 36/40 - which is a nice 90%. I am VERY happy with my marks. Go me! I am expecting to do VERY well on her exams, and it will get me a very high mark - low to mid 90% as a final mark!

Since there was no point in me staying the entire 4 hour class (I was there for maybe 30 minutes), I went shopping to see if I could find an outfit for Friday night. I ended up finding a dress for 16$ at Winners (TJ MAXX for you Americans) for Friday night, which I will also use for the wedding we have the last weekend of August, and I will bring it on the cruise for one of the 5 nice outfits I have to bring. 16$! What a good deal! I also got this really awesome shoes (clogs) for also 16$. I love love love them!

My new fave shoes!

Today, I ran around the city to discover that the Old Navy by me does NOT have a maternity section (so I will go out to where my mom lives tomorrow to find myself something hopefully) and I did find some stuff at Winners (besides my new shoes & dress) and some stuff for the baby too (which some I may have to return next week after I find out the sex of the baby!)

I going to start knitting at sock (for Veronik), which they are paying me to do. The pattern is really awesome, and so is the yarn. I'm in love with the yarn, which will be available sometime in the spring I think - to purchase. I'm totally into "appletini green" lately. Here is a sneak-peak at the colour of the yarn - all I can show you! I took it close up - so you can't tell what it is - etc..

Isn't it gorgeous?

Above is the invite to my graduation Friday night. I don't know who came up with the Monopoly theme for it - but it doesn't fit and I don't like it at all. I can't wait to graduate - let me tell you! If you double click on the ticket, it opens in larger for more details.

This evening, like last night, we went to the shiva house, and this time, we celebrated Jamie's Uncle's birthday. It's is really unfortunate that he is sitting shiva on his birthday, so Jamie's dad sent over Chinese Food from my fave place (mmm! it was exactly what I was craving) and I picked up 2 pies (Lemon Merangue & Chocolate Truffle) from Rockaberries. Boy was the Chocolate Truffle delicious! When sitting shiva, you are not supposed to celebrate for pleasure, pretty much anything - even after sitting shiva (not sure if it's for 1 month or for 12 months - it depends on your tradition - I think). But since Bubbie Rae would have wanted us to get together and celebrate (she was always on top of things to get everyone together) we decided to go ahead and just celebrate (immediate family only), and it was nice.

Lots of errands and things to do tomorrow. Studying to do too!

No knitting news - there will be knitting news once I GRADUATE FRIDAY!!!!

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