Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Feeling Better!

This morning I had Merlyn a little bit entertained as I had work to do. So during this time, he coloured on his magna-doodle thingy.

I got a lot done this morning, and even finished off the rest of the assignment I was working on last night, so I that I could hand it in this afternoon in class, and be done with it. 2 assignments completely done, and only 4 more to go. (2 are almost done, and 1 is getting there, and the last one isn't even started yet, but I'm soooo not worried).

Merlyn came with me to school today, and coloured and watched some DVD's and played with some toys, while I got some work done.

He even got to draw on the board, the teacher gave him some eraser wiper markers:

And while he was doing that, I worked on my Illustrator project that is due on Thursday (or by Friday latest). Here is what I'm drawing in Adobe Illustrator. (The guitar has an actual picture of actual wood in it. We had to do one textured mask, and I chose to do the wood!):

I am in love with my drawing so far, it's coming along great. I'm just stuck on a font to create for it (we have to "design" our own font, and what to make it a poster of.... I have NO idea... ugh! I am soooo overtired, exhausted and pressured with soooo many assignments, that I feel like I have no energy for any creativity right now, whatsoever. And I have time still, and hopefully will sleep on it tonight, and figure something out tomorrow.. (which tomorrow is a long day in itself. Ugh). (Obgyn apt, bringing my car in (they said the first check up should only take an hour) and a pick up to do from my wedding photographer, and a return to do at a store near the car dealership (but it's not walkable from the dealership, so I'll have to figure out what to do with him for an hour.... Hmmm), what else! I am actually going to get out of the house tomorrow night and go knitting. I have my in-law's taking Merlyn to go watch Jamie's ball game, so that will give me a break. MUCH NEEDED!
Tonight we lost power for about an hour, and it really stormed. I hate stormy weather. But I love the rain, because it takes away the humidity, and it's been NASTY here today. Barely breathable outside. I am sooo happy that we have power back now, so that I can sleep tonight with my A/C. I'd die without it!
Today I am feeling sooo much better from yesterday. Even though I am still overtired, yesterday I was just in a VERY rotten mood. (Mood swings suck!)
Alright, must get sleep. Long day tomorrow.

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