Friday, August 04, 2006

I Don't Even Know Where To Begin.... (So Much To Say)

First off, I guess I will start with Jamie's grandmother. Turns out, that her status had changed from 6-8 months, to 1-2 weeks. I had no idea of this. I did know though, that they had changed her status to a different level (from testing her and giving her meds, to not even testing her to find things because she wasn't eating anymore, and if they give her meds to fix things, it would just affect other things, and it just wouldn't be a solution anymore, so they changed her status). Jamie and I had plans to go see her on Saturday, going along with his sister and Merlyn. It's too bad that it happened this way, but at least the memory that Jamie has of his grandmother is a better image than the one which could have been of her lying there as a vegetable pretty much, since her whole body was shutting down. The cycle of life... it's too bad that we live our life, and then have to end up at the end, as such. I am just happy though, that she was comfortable during her last stages and she didn't suffer too much, if anything at all. The funeral is Sunday at 12:15pm, which doesn't allow me to go to my cousin's grandmother's unveiling at 12:30pm. We may actually bump into them, because Jamie's grandmother is being burried at the same cemetary as where her husband is, but also at the same cemetary as my cousin's grandmother. So we may see each other there, perhaps.

Second thing to write (vent) about... is school... (I have a list in my head of things that I wanted to talk about today in my post)... I was at school yesterday from 11 am - midnight. Now, I was planning on being home for dinner. Well, I ended up having dinner at school, some crappy food from the cafeteria. I did my work, and got a LOT accomplished, and it was good because I have no AC at home in my office (just a fan) and with the heat that is going on outside, it's disgusting. So I stayed with Laura (the only other student who stayed on the night before some HUGE projects were due) and got a lot accomplished. I had asked Jamie last night when he called me about his grandmother if he wanted me to come home, but he told me to stay and finish my work. I am really glad that I did stay, in the end, but I only got home around 12:15am this morning, and then had MORE work to do to be prepared for class today. I finished my poster for my Illustrator class.

I also finished my 12 page brochure that I was doing on Bnai Brith Canada. Wow - that was a LOT of work, and I am really happy that it is now done. I had a lot of prints to do for that one, and a lot of things to take care of to hand it in, but I'm glad that it's over and done with and I don't have to really think about that project anymore (except for one part - a mock-up, that no one in the class finished, so she told us this morning, that if you hand in ABSOULTELY everything else, to her, that we could hand in the mock-up next Thursday with no penalization. If we hand in most of it, and don't have that done, then we lose 10%). I handed in EVERYTHING else, so I'll be okay. I just was stressing to get everything handed in, and didn't want to ruin my mock-up, so at least I have a couple of extra days to finish it). A mock-up is basically mocking how our brochure would print if it were going through a printing press. It's pretty cool, actually.

The third thing I want to talk about is my tenants, but I think I will save my energy on that one for later. It's a long story, that's been spanning since last month, but also for the last three days. I will save it for another post.....

After class, I came home, and picked up Jamie, his sister and Merlyn and we went for lunch. After lunch, I took an hour and a half nap, and then went with Jamie's sister and Merlyn for dinner with my mother-in-law and her wife. (Jamie's mom and her wife).

Me - 18 weeks pregnant

I absolutely love my little belly! I'm loving it more and more each day! Love it Love it Love it!! :)

This evening, after dinner, I was zonked. As soon as my head hit the pillow around 8:30pm, watching Wizard of Oz with my sister-in-law and Merlyn, I was out cold. Eventually I transfered to my bedroom. I just got up for a few, I wanted to check my email, and blog, and now I'm going back to sleep. I'm still very very tired. So I'll leave the story of my tenants for tomorrow perhaps, and I'll write more later!

- No knitting has been done since the one row at McDonald's and seaming of the charity blanket at Knitting Meet-up. Hopefully after I graduate I will have PLENTY of time to knit, as I won't have too much to do until the baby comes in January. (But I do have a HUGE to do list, of things I want to accomplish!)

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