Sunday, August 27, 2006

Family Golf Day

I got this really cute baby hat in the mail on Friday, and forgot to write about it. It came as part of a swap, and it’s really cute. It’s perfect for my soon to be son, whom will be born in the middle of winter! It has a little pink in it, but it’s mainly blue, so I hope baby S won’t mind.
I was told it was machine washable, so I guess it’s not 100% wool. I emailed to find out what it is made of, I’m curious. Isn’t it just adorable. It’s sooo tiny too! It’s no more than 5 and half inches long, with the button curled over.

Today, J did go golfing, but in the POURING rain. I think he’s nuts, to be honest, but so are the other 14 members of J’s step-family! I got up when he left, ate breakfast, and then went onto the couch in the den to read some magazines. I didn’t last too long, I ended up napping for a few hours. J eventually got home, warmed up (he was soaking wet!) and then we headed over to his step-sister’s place for an indoor BBQ.

J ended up watching golf on TV with some of the men, and I chatted with the ladies in the family around a plate of veggies & dip (so delicious!). Put a plate of veggies & dip infront of me, the veggies will be gone in no time!

This evening we got home, watched Big Brother, and then J fell asleep. I then plopped myself back on the couch and watched the movie The United States of Leland. It was pretty good, I enjoyed it. It’s about this kid who kills a mentally challenged kid, and goes to jeuvie, and his story.

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