Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Free Movie Passes & Walmart

I slept in today. I kind of had to. I was up really late last night, as I couldn’t sleep. I stayed up, crying, watching Oprah’s 20th Anniversary Box Set (some of the stories are sooo touching it made me cry!) I am almost done watching it, and then I have so many other things I want to catch up on before the baby is born.

I got up today, it was well into the afternoon. I can’t even tell you what time it was that I got up. I did however, get a few chores done, and was very upset/depressed (pregnancy mood swings, feeling a little down), and you know what made me feel better? WALMART. I don’t even like Walmart’s background/history (not after watching that documentary on their organization) - BUT, they have good deals on things, and I needed things. I needed maternity pantyhose, maternity panties, a new bra (dang the engorgement of those things that fill a bra, due to pregnancy!) They also had a filing cabinet on sale, and I needed one of those desperately, so I bought the cabinet, with the cabinet accessories (yeah, there are “cabinet” accessories!) I also got a few other things (J requested some goodies) and some laundry detergent and closet storage organization thingies… Ah… organization… always makes me feel so much better! Weird, eh? Cleaning always makes me feel so much better. Very odd, I know. I agree. When I’m wired, or can’t sleep, or feeling down in the middle of the night, what do I do? Clean. I start on a cleaning binge. I kid you not. That’s what I did last night. I cleaned. I threw out a lot, that I knew that I had to let go of (that’s for you Lainie!). Stuff, I do not know what I was keeping. I also made another pile, of stuff to donate. I also started packing up books that I want to keep, but have already read, so I will store them properly, and keep them. (Those are objects I cannot part with. I love books. I love to read. I’d like to keep most of my books). (One day when I have a single unit house, I want a library or a study or a den with a library, where I can display all my books… in alphabetical order, why not! The books in my office right now are mainly in alphabetical order. As are the DVD movies we have in our den, alphabetical order. (Easier to find them that way!)

Today, after Walmart, I went to find bead crimps (for a necklace that I want to make) and ended up picking up some steaks for dinner, and coming home and actually made dinner. I now havge energy back to make dinner, and do house chores (although bending over to reach things has become a little hard lately, and when I do it, I usually feel movement in my stomach, so I stop… my son is telling me not to bend over to pick up something off the floor, or whatnot.
This evening J & I watched Big Brother which we had on tape from last night, and then we watched the movie Inside Man. It was REALLY good, and J even liked it (He’s really picky about movies and it’s rare for him to really like a movie).

While watching TV and the movie, I knitted up a storm. But, I was working on the paid job, so I can’t really talk about it. It’s coming along great, and it should be done by the end of this week, and handed in, so I can move on and finish up the blanket (seaming) for charity, and then I can move onto knitting J’s sock, and finish Clapotis, finish closing the toes on the first pair of socks I ever started (forgot I never ever closed the toe!) and then work on something for baby S! I have so many things that I want to knit for him!

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