Friday, August 11, 2006


My exam this morning went better than I was expecting. I am positive that I atleast got an 80% on the exam. It was easier than I was expecting, and even though I honestly didn't really study, I still think I did well. Time will tell. I am allowed to email my teacher for our final exam and final assignment mark (which from there I can calculate my final grades, but she's not allowed apparently to give out our final class mark, I don't know why). I wonder how long it will take for our final marks to be posted on the gradeline.

I came home from my exam to find the two cats on our dining room table, cuddling together. It was cute. I had to snap a photo.

I left the house, got my eyebrows waxed (or rather "shaped") by some girl who was not my usual girl, as my usual girl was not there, and won't be back until next week, and let's just say I will be going back to my old girl, I won't ever go back to this new girl. My usual girl, charges me 8$ to clean up and shape my eyebrows. The new girl? 15$! WTF?

After leaving there, I decided I wanted to get my nails done. I figured I'd get them done for my grad, then get them re-filled before my cousin Jenn's wedding (labour day weekend) and then have them nice & pretty for my honeymoon (ATTN HOUSE ROBBERS: There WILL be someone staying at our house, and we have an alarm system with a police station directly around the corner from our house!).

This afternoon I went for lunch with Jamie, and two of his ex-coworkers (He usually meets up with three of them every Friday for lunch, but this week one couldn't make it) and I ran into my mom's Aunt, and cousins there (Mona, Stacey & Sybie) as they were having lunch with a cousin of my great-aunt's).

After lunch I came home and took a two and a half hour nap. Then, I got ready, and headed out to my graduation "Gala". What a waste of time that was... Before I go into details, here is some photos that were taken.

Jamie & I.

Me - very angry.... (because of the situation that went on with what the school calls a graduation). Jamie's dad caught me when I was bitching about what was going on!

Me & my 19 week pregnant Belly. (Had to show it off!)

The "graduation" was no graduation at all. There were no diplomas handed out (How can they when teachers still have yet to correct final assignments and final exams) and there was no food (except sushi I couldn't eat because I'm pregnant and quail eggs (ew) and salmon thingies - all which I could not eat) and drinks (like soda) cost money. I paid a LOT of money to attend this school, and this is what goes on? Then, on top of it, there was apparently WAY too many people in attendance, so everyone COULD NOT fit into the room where the graduation was being held in. How nice of them to know this in advance, they set up a secondary room, where they were "broadcasting" what was going on in the main room, so my family & I sat in the "other" room and got to watch what was going on. What went on you ask? Awards of Excellence were given out for those who kept above 90% average (I'm not sure if I yet have that - but I am sure I may - and if so, I'm going right back to the school once I get all my final marks and demanding my certificate, because 1 year ago, they told us that if we maintained 90% above and over, that we would be guaranteed a certificate of excellence. Then just a few weeks ago, we were then told only 1 person would get it, and if there was a tie-breaker, it would go to the person with the least amount of absences. WTF??

Anyhow, after we were told only 1 person would get it - TWO people ended up getting it tonight, and I'm pissed off. There is a very good chance that even with my mid-to-high 80's marks - with all the 90's and above I've received, that I will still be able to pull off more than a 90% overall average. I will then, if that is the case, march back to school and demand my certificate of excellence, which I am owed. If I deserve it, I want that fucking piece of paper!

My work (along with a few others in my class) got our work flashed on the screen next to the podium for like 10 seconds each. That's all my involvement for the evening.
My parents, who got stuck in traffic, ended up missing my 10 seconds of fame. (If you even want to call it that). So, after them getting there, and taking a bunch of family shots, we left, and went up the street for dinner. I didn't say goodbye to a single person I went to school with, or any of my two teachers (the only 2 that decided to show up) before leaving. (Laura, the only person I've been close with this past year, I spoke to on the phone afterwards - she was as pissed off as I was about tonight).

You'd think, that after collecting a LOT of money from each student's tuition, that at least they'd have a proper auditorium to hold graduations. I was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED with what they call a graduation gala. So poorly organized, and a complete waste of time to those who didn't receive an award. And they wanted my dad to donate a prize to a graduation student (my teacher harrassed me for a while about this), my father's response? (WHICH I STAND BY AND AGREE TO): "I spent so and so dollars on your education - they can afford it". I wish he had said "They can fucking afford it" - that would have been a little more apropriate in my books.

So, my little dinner party (minus my hubby who had to run to a 9pm ball game - his season is almost over), was SO MUCH better than had I stayed at the gala. There was honestly no point for me to even be there to begin with - no one would have ever noticed if I wasn't there, and it wouldn't have mattered. I'm just glad that Jamie found free parking, so at least that wasn't a waste.

You can say, that I am damn fucking happy, that I never have to take a class in the dungeon again (there are no windows in the basement of the school) and never have to see any of the student's faces again, (I didn't like more than half of them - and we were only 11 students) and never have to see the teachers again... phew! They really weren't that great. To be honest. I did learn some stuff, but why the fuck didn't I learn In Design?? AT GRAPHIC DESIGN SCHOOL? Guess what? The students graduation next semester will be learning it! And if we want to come back to learn just that - we have to fucking pay... WHAT THE HELL?

On the car ride home, my mom gave me this hankerchief, which was brought back for me, from Japan, from an ex-employee that used to work for my father. I worked with her for a number of years, and it was very nice of her to think of us, and bring us back something from Japan. It's gorgeous, and it's pink!

I am going to go get comfy on the couch and start reading more of my book. I have approx. 20 weeks before the baby will be born, and lots to read, lots to do, etc!

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