Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How Many Sleeps 'Til Mcdonald's

My nephew has been counting down how many "do-do's" (how many times he has to go to bed at night) before he got to go to the big Mcdonald's with the playground and video games. Friday night, I took him to McDonalds, but at Walmart. He told me I was going in the wrong direction for the McDonalds that he wanted to go to. (How did he know "what direction"? I am still not sure, he's 3 years old, and doesn't live in Montreal, how could he possibly know?) Anyhow, here is our day, and our adventure at McDonalds.

This morning we got up and headed to my OBGYN appointment. Everything is great, and the baby is growing in the right direction. (Head was in the right spot, as well as where the feet should be at the moment. The doctor knows this just by checking my abdomen. I wish I knew how to feel what was going on in my belly, but all I feel is hard tummy forming!) Merlyn was a good boy at the doctor's office and told everyone he encountered that I am a good Aunt and I'm taking him to McDonald's today. (That's how exited he was about McDonald's).

After leaving the doctor's office, (and getting my "permission" slip from the doctor signed for my cruise (because I'm pregnant, I need permission to be allowed to cruise), we headed home to pick up the mail, and drop off something, and also pick up something that I had forgotten to take with me.

Our next stop was Zellers. I had a return to do, and then I wanted to look at a few things, and in the baby department, I discovered they had a maternity section. Not only did they have everything on liquidation (I guess to make way for the new fall stuff), everything on liquidation was 30% off. I had a field day. I ended up with a basketful of clothes (not sure how much of it I will keep as I didn't try anything on in store, I will have to try on at home (I don't like trying on stuff in stores, so as long as they have a return policy, perfect!) and ended up even getting some really cute maternity shirts and tank-tops for like as low as $2.10 - on sale from like 14.99$ originally, etc... Don't ask how cheap - I don't know. But good for me, saves me a lot of money and updates my lacking wardrobe!

After Zellers, we went to Acura, where I brought my car in for my first checkup. The first two check ups (8,000 Km and 16,000 Km) are free. The first one was pretty much an oil change and a filter change, etc. There was a small waiting area that was really comfortable (unlike the waiting area when I owned my Civic at Honda was cheap and cruddy and lacking), and there was a huge TV where Merlyn got to watch Zaboomafoo (sp?) and eat some Ritz Cracker Cheese Sandwhich snacks and behave himself. My car took shorter than I expected to be ready, (which is good) and I managed to cast on Jamie's 2nd sock. (And knit half of the first needle).

After Acura, I went over to my Wedding Photographer's house, which is where her office was just moved to, and picked up my frame for my wedding enlargement.

I hung it up as soon as I got home from being out. I think it looks fantastic above our bed! And the Sepia photo is just gorgeous. I love it. I discussed a bit of my wedding album with her (I'm finally going to sit down and order my photos once school's out next Friday) and I'm debating whether to go with the traditional old style album, or with the new digital album. They're gorgeous the new albums and you can stick in 75 photos instead of the old tradition 50-60 photos. So you get more, but the price difference is a little higher. But it's gorgeous, and I think I want to go "digital" album - rather than traditional. You know?? We'll see what happens when I go back with my 75 images picked and decide.

After Wendy's, we headed to McDonald's, to meet Jamie for lunch. The parking lot was a zoo, and took me forever to get a spot. I think it was because people in the area still had no power due to the weather, and so every mother with her kids were at McDonalds for lunch and to play, because they couldn't stay home.

Eventually we got our food and sat down and ate. And then, after lunch, Merlyn got to play in the playground at McDonalds. Jamie stayed for a while, and then headed back to work.

Merlyn got his fix of video games at McDonald's - that's all he's been talking about!

I love how cute he looks in this picture!

I even got ONE complete row knitted (K2 P2) while Merlyn played. (Can you see the lovely McDee's slide in the background behind my knitting?)

I even made a little girl cry (she was probably just around a year old). She was going to push my drink over onto the floor, and all I told her was "No, that's not yours, please be careful" and she burst out in tears. How else was I to react to her reaching out for my diet coke? I had paid for it, it wasn't my kid, or even my relative, and it was hot and muggy and I didn' want to waste an entire glass of coke.

After Mcdonalds, we headed to the LYS by there and I used up my gift certificate that Jamie got me for my birthday. They were having a sale on some stuff, so I picked up a ton of stuff for the value of my money! I got some nice stuff, and I can't wait to use it. (More yarn to add to my stash! LOL) I'll photograph it later, too exhausted right now!

While at the LYS it started to pour. Boy was it nasty. All we had was Merlyn's spongebob umbrella, so I picked him up and carried him to the car running both trying to not get wet. It was nasty.

He fell asleep on the way home, and I put him to bed upon getting home. He slept for a good two hours, and was still ultra cranky upon getting up.

Thank goodness I had Angela over at that point and we were heading out to go knitting (I should have been at home doing homework, but decided that I deserved 2-3 hours to myself to go knitting). I worked on seaming the blanket that I knit for Charity, and when I'm done seaming, I'll take a picture of the final product. I also have to single crochet around the edge of the blanket with the leftover yarn. I think it came out really nice.

Knitting was fun, and I stayed a little longer than I should have (because now I'm beyond zonked) but it's all good. It was much deserved time for ME. I am sure going to miss ME time when I have the baby! But that's okay, I've come to understand that I will be giving up my time!

Alright, bed time. Night.

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