Thursday, August 17, 2006

My First Ultra Sound: It's a Boy!

I had my very first (ever) Ultra Sound this morning. Let me tell you - I have a very stubborn child already. We had to go into the ultra sound room not once, not twice, but four times! HE (yes, you read correctly, we're having a boy), would not turn over. At that point we'd already seen his wee-wee, and knew he was a boy, but the technician would not let us leave until she saw and checked his heart. We had our 8:20 am apointment. We got there for 8 am. We went in around 8:40 am. (Thank god I brought my book!) The first time we learned nothing, except that he had 10 fingers and 10 toes: (1 foot below here, with 5 toes):

I was asked to go drink water. (I drank 3 full bottles full which was refilled with tap water - after drinking 1 full bottle before leaving the house this morning). We had to wait for 1 patient to go - and then we were called back in. The second time, Sean showed us his wee-wee. It was sticking right up! (As you can see below):

He still wouldn't turn over. I was told I can go pee now (boy was I dying - and ready to throw up water - I don't want to see that large quantity of water ever again!) and then we had to wait again for another patient to go, and then we were called back in again. This time, no such luck... he just wouldn't turn from his stomach to his back, or side. So, we waited again, and came back again after 1 more patient. This time, he had turned a bit, and I was a pro at what to do for the ultra-sound. (The gel really is cold, and tickly!)

Here is our baby boy: (Sean Edward!)

He totally has my nose!

I am in love with these pictures! They are great. I can't believe I had to pay for them though. It actually was 1 picture for 5$ or 3 different shots for 10$. I paid 10$ for the three images. But since we were in there so much today (watching people come and go for 2 hours!) the technician actually gave us 6 photos of the baby for no extra charge! The above 3 are my fave. His foot, proving that he's a boy, and the picture with his face/nose!

This afternoon after getting out of the house, (after the phone would not stop ringing), I went over to Angela's for lunch. I had not yet been to her new place. We were actually celebrating Angela's birthday in less than a week, and my belated birthday. We exchange birthday presents and I got some really awesome stuff from Angela. (I will post more tomorrow about that, it's getting late). I did happen to take a picture of the cherry car air freshner she got me (I HEART CHERRIES) and hung it in my car already. Smells so good! Angela and I went to a bead store near her place (Chaton Beads on Taschereau) and to Zellers to get me some HUGE tubs to store my yarn in once I move my office to the basement before the baby is born. (I've been accomplishing a LOT in my office, to transform it into the baby's room). I will take pictures of my awesome finds tomorrow.
Tonight Jamie & I ordered food in (too lazy to cook) and we watched Big Brother. Then, we decided to watch a movie, and watched Get Rich or Die Tryin'. It was alright. Not my style movie, nor type of music I listen to. (Plot Outline: A tale of an inner city drug dealer who turns away from crime to pursue his passion, rap music.) Not my style at all. But okay movie. (Starring 50 cent)

I've been working on my paid knitting job, as it's due next Thursday. Once that item is done, I will finish Jamie's socks, and then I have a bunch of things to knit in blue (now that I know I'm having a boy!) hee hee! (I wont be knitting any bibs though, I have enough bibs to last me a lifetime, or feed an army of babies! I can't believe how many I actually have!)
Wow - I'm having a BABY BOY! 20 more weeks and he's here!
I need to update on my tenant situation. I'm beyond frustrated. I'll write about that tomorrow. I forgot to write about what happened last week, so I'll re-cap everything tomorrow.

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