Friday, August 25, 2006

Ferrari Knitting & Poker Winnings

Here’s a sports car you could pullover very smartly in — a Ferrari knitted from wool. (Wool generously supplied by Sirdar). Art student Lauren Porter spent ten months making the full-size replica using 12 MILES of yarn.

The car, a cross between a Testarossa and a 355, is made of more than 250 squares of garter stitch, the windows are V-shaped stocking stitch, while the details are crochet, over a steel frame which Lauren welded herself and the horse badge is hand-embroidered.She gets men admiring the racing lines and old women admiring the stitches!

Today, I slept in, until about quarter to one, when I was woken by Zeus puking next to me on the bed. That is the one thing about this cat…. he pukes. He finds things on the floor to eat (I try to keep this house as tidy as possible) but he still manages to find things to eat.This afternoon I watched the rest of Oprah’s 20th Anniversary DVD set, and worked on finishing up the paid knitting project. I will hand it in first thing Monday morning and get rid of that. I need to now finish up the seaming on the blanket for charity, single crochet the border and then give it to my cousin so she can get it back to the Montreal Knitting Guild. I wonder where the blankets will get donated to. I will be missing the first meeting but perhaps I will find out at the second meeting in October. I will post pics when I am done the blanket for charity. Tonight I went to get my nails done, my nails are growing FAST because of the pregnancy. But it’s perfect timing, because, usually acrylics are done every 3 weeks, and my nails have been growing at that same rate in 2 weeks. But it’s perfect, because I have a wedding tomorrow and a wedding next weekend, and then I refill my nails again in 2 weeks before I leave, then take them off after I get back. Perfect timing. I like them, but I am rough with my hands (not that I broke a nail or anything, because I didn’t) but I don’t really need to keep them, and it’s hard to do any beading with them… knitting is okay, but beading is very difficult. I bought some beautiful stones for a necklace I want to make. And making my own stitch markers has proven to be hard too, due to my acrylic nails…. so you see, they can be a nuisance. Tonight upon getting back from being out, I played poker with Jamie, my in-laws’ and 2 of Jamie’s friends. I wasn’t expecting to win or anything, not with how my father-in-law always calls All-In and bluff’s big time, etc… but there was one hand, where I had an Ace, Two and on the flop and Ace and a Two came up, and then another Ace came up, so I had a full house (Aces over two’s). I called all-in - it was just the two of us left in the hand, and he called me on my all in- and of course, I won! I got him out of the game, and then it was just down to Jamie and I (who paid my 10$ to get in the game) I asked him if he wanted to split the winnings (instead of 50$ to the winner and 10$ to the 2nd place) but since he put my 10$ to start, he asked if instead of 30-30, that I’d take 20$ and he keep 40$. Deal.So I made myself 20$ tonight! (And I haven’t played poker in a while, only a little online - for fake money) so i was a bit rusty….! Just some luck! (But I broke even today, since I spent 20$ on my nails!)Alright, I’m off to go watch some TV and hang out. I have to get up super early for an early hair cut tomorrow morning, cutting my hair off! Hee hee….

{Conversation with Jamie earlier}

Robyn: I’m cutting my hair tomorrow.
Jamie: No you’re not.
Robyn: Yes, I am.
Jamie: No you’re not.
Robyn: Are you carrying our child? No, I didn’t think so. I’m cutting my hair tomorrow.

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