Monday, August 28, 2006

Pre-Natal Aqua Fit

This morning I went to the Y and signed up for Pre-natal Yoga - but then since I joined for a 3 month membership (which bring me to the end of November), I have Pre-natal Aqua for free. I am also allowed to take the deep end water class, since we won’t be without a floating noodle device. That class is on Thursdays. I can’t go this Thursday as I have my cousin’s wedding rehearsal, but I can go next week to check that one out.

Upon getting back to my house (I walked over to the Y, it takes literally 45 seconds to walk there) my mom picked me up with my grandmother who just arrived at my house, to go to my final dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress. In the end, everything worked out for this dress (Phew!) and it looks really good on me, considering that I’m now 5 months pregnant!

After the dress fitting (which we were there for over an hour), I went for lunch with my mom and grandmother and then we headed over to Walmart, to see about some zipper attachments for my mom for her new purse, and I bumped into my photography professor there. He was so happy to see me pregnant and doing well! I ended up buying a scrapbook for my Vegas pictures, I realized that I did not have one, and I want to start scrapbooking if I have time, sometime soon.

I got home, did some chores around the house, and then went off to my Pre-natal Aqua fit class. Oh, was that a workout - but I had a good time. Today, there was 7 of us in the class, one girl who is due in 3 weeks (has no idea the sex of her baby) and the other is due in a month, and she is having a boy. I am so excited for next week’s class, and it felt great to be in the pool, even if I was wearing a really cheesy bathing cap!

This evening I’m just taking it easy. I’m rather tired. I think I am going to crash early tonight. I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, and I want to accomplish it all, especially if I might be working Wed-Thurs-Friday for my dad. He also wants me to look over an ad for a catalogue he’s advertising in - which is right up my alley! We’ll see what happens with that.

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