Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lazy Day, Amuzing Cheap Thrills & Family Dinner

It's amazing the cheap items that amuse me. I got this alligator (which is actually a stapler) at the dollar store on Thursday. Laura got very angry in class and had to step out, and needed to buy bristol board anyhow, so we decided to leave and go to the dollar store on the next block over. Anyhow, I saw this little guy, and for 1$ - I just HAD to have him! He's just so cute.

Today, I read a little, organized some DVD-Rom back ups (including my school files), took care of laundry, and watched some TV. It was a nice relax day. Lazy, but I got things done!
This evening, I went out for dinner with my family, to a very nice restaurant near my parents house, really enjoyed my ribs, and had a nice time out with my family. My sister's car got hit in the parking lot (with her in it) by a morron who decided to stop in the entrance way, and then start backing up (no damage to either car, and my sister is 100% okay - besides a little pain on her back because she decided to get a tattoo today! She finally did it - but needs to go back to finish it - I will get a photograph of it. At first she told me not to tell my mom, but then after dinner she showed it to my mom - so I guess it's not a secret anymore??) It's really cute.
I can't believe she had the guts to finally do it!
Tomorrow I'm going to look at a crib at 10 am, and I have a TON of errands to run. (Returns to 3 stores, pretty much). And then, I plan on taking it easy, the rest of the day. And hopefully finish the book I'm reading! Oh, and start knitting the sock that I need to knit (sock for pay!) I believe the deadline is Thursday, August 24th, so I have plenty of time to knit 1 sock.

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