Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thinking About Wedding Anniversary #1

Traditional Wedding Gifts
First - Paper
Second - Cotton
Third - Leather
Fourth - Fruit/Flowers
Fifth - Wood
Sixth - Candy/Iron
Seventh - Wool/Copper
Eighth - Bronze/Pottery
Ninth - Pottery/Willow
Tenth - Tin/Aluminum
Eleventh - Steel
Twelfth - Silk/Linen
Thirteenth - Lace
Fourteenth - Ivory
Fifteenth - Crystal
Twentieth - China
Twenty-Fifth - Silver
Thirtieth - Pearl
Thirty-Fifth - Coral
Fortieth - Ruby
Forty-Fifth - Sapphire
Fiftieth - Gold
Fifty-fifth - Emerald
Sixtieth - Diamond
Modern Wedding Gifts
First - Clocks
Second - China
Third - Crystal/Glass
Fourth - Appliances
Fifth - Silverware
Sixth - Candy/Iron
Seventh - Desk Sets
Eighth - Bronze/Pottery
Ninth - Linen/Lace
Tenth - Leather
Eleventh - Jewelry
Twelfth - Pearls
Thirteenth - Textiles/Furs
Fourteenth - Gold Jewelry
Fifteenth - Watches
Twentieth - Platinum
Twenty-Fifth - Silver
Thirtieth - Diamond
Thirty-Fifth - Jade
Fortieth - Ruby
Forty-Fifth - Sapphire
Fiftieth - Gold
Fifty-fifth - Emerald
Sixtieth - Diamond

So, I've been thinking about Wedding Anniversary Number 1... It's coming up in just over a month (September 18th). A traditional first anniversary gift, is paper.... a modern first anniversary gift is a clock. I don't really want a clock (we have enough in the house) so, paper it is? Paper? What an odd first anniversary gift! Paper... what could I get?

Books? He doesn't read. Board Games? I just got hime Star Wars Risk & Star Wars Monopoly for his 30th birthday. (And they're still in the box wrapped - he's "collecting" them or something). Stationery? He doesn't write. And when there is correspondance to take care of, it's me who does it. Tickets? (My family has season tickets to see the Montreal Canadiens, so we get to go to a lot of games - maybe buy tickets to a game we won't go to otherwise?) That's one idea.... Paintings? Naw - he's not into art. Coupons? Make him a coupon book? Nope. Did that for our one year anniversary. It's still in his drawer. (That was from June 2003). Write him a love letter? Bah - I'm not cheesy... Get him a Poster? Nope, he's got enough in the basement, and doesn't need anymore. (Nor is there wall room). Photograph? Of me? There are plenty around the house, where would he put it? Definitely not at his desk at work (where he works with my brother, sister and father!) A Calendar? We already have a few up in the house, and definitely won't put up one at work, even if it's one that I made with our pictures.....

Ugh... why is it SO hard to shop for a man. Especially for something PAPER oriented. I want to be creative, but if I get really stuck - I'm going to just buy Canadiens tickets for a game this upcoming season... What else to do?

I've been on the couch all afternoon reading Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be, and the main character in the story celebrated her 2nd wedding anniversary with her hubby and 2nd anniversary is cotton, and she "got" him some autographed sports towel (that was cotton) signed by his fave NFL player or something, and that got my thinking about my first wedding anniversary coming up, and what to do... etc. I am half way done the book now (I read fast) and can't wait to continue on reading!

Tonight, shortly, we're going over to Jamie's dad & step-mom's for dinner, and then we'll probably come back home and I want to read! I'm sooo into this book! (It's probably because it's about a pregnant woman, and that's where I'm at in my life too - so I'm "connecting" with the character!

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