Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Dress Fitting

Today, I started a new book. I'm on this reading frenzy! Nothing wrong with some good literature! I am not too sure (Yet) about this novel, but it's called Tales from the Crib by Jennifer Coburn.

I did not go to the gym today. By the time I got up, I had to leave to go to my dress fitting for the dress for my cousin's wedding which is coming up. I had ordered the dress before getting pregnant (or before the thought of getting pregnant even entered my mind)! (That was back in January). Anyhow, I am hoping the dress will come out nice in the end, it's a nice dress, and it fits me well, it just depends on how it looks with the way they are going to adjust it for it to fit me and my (as of this Thursday) 5 month pregnant belly! (Wow - 5 months already?? 20 weeks - that's HALF my pregnancy and 5 months! Where has time gone?) I will have to wait and see when I go back for my next fitting (in two weeks) to see how it all fits together (what they were describing that they were going to do to fix it). On top of it, they were supposed to order a size 12 (because of my bust) but instead, they decided to order a size 10. Which - back in January did fit me (tightly, but I was still losing weight back in January). And, anyhow, the guy who owns the shop, said because of my bust, he was going to order a size 12, and then they would "take in" whtever was necessary lower down, because that would be too loose (I had originally tried on a size 10 in the store, as it's the only size they had near my size). Anyhow, we get there today, and guess what size they ordered in the colour that I needed the dress in? A SIZE 10! This doesn't help the situation any better because of my pregnancy! Anyhow, if they decide to charge us more because of extra work they had to do between a size 10 and a size 12 difference, I am going to open my mouth when we go back, because they were supposed to order me size 12 to begin with... Ugh... what frustration. I wonder what kind of jewelry accessories my cousin wants us to wear.... I will ask her the next time I speak to her - this way - I can see if I own something already, or if I should go out and buy some more fun pieces! I'll let you know in two weeks how it turns out!

After the fitting, (I was with my mother & grandmother) we were supposed to go straight to lunch (Tasty Foods). And, my mom decided since she was in a certain area to stop off at a store, to check out tops (to go with her new pants for my cousin's wedding). They said they were going to be 5 minutes, but half an hour later, with my stomach rumbling, I had to call my mother's cell phone to see what was keeping them in there so long. I was famished. You don't keep a pregnant woman waiting! LOL. Half an hour later, and they didn't even buy anything! (My grumpiness was my hunger talking). Lunch was good - but note to self, bring sweater next time - Tasty Foods is FREEZING inside! And we didn't want to sit on the terrace, outside, because people were allowed to smoke there, and I didn't want to inhale ANY of that!

After lunch I was going to go to the gym (after letting my stomach rest for a bit), but I started doing things around the house, and taking care of chores, and slowly but surely organizing the baby's room - (it's slowly coming along) and I am in the mist of trying to half organize my stuff to take it out of the my office, and half organizing the baby's stuff, to bring stuff into the baby's future room. The walls - which we were going to paint yellow - are a cream colour, and I think in the end, we're just going to end up leaving it that colour. It's pretty much freshly painted (not too much before we moved in). I just need to see if my shampooing vaccum cleaner will take out the stains in the carpet (from the cats) or if we will have to call in a carpet cleaner, or if we will need new carpets. I have three spots of stains, that won't go away.... (someone suggested to me water and vinegar? I wonder if that will work?)

Tonight, I hung out with Jamie watching Sunday night & tonight's episode of Big Brother. I really didn't want Janelle to win HOH - I was hoping that she wouldn't and that she would get booted out of the house. I can't stand her anymore.

Alright, I'm going to go check on the laundry (I've been getting even baby stuff washed!) and I will check ya later.

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