Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two Exams Done, 1 More To Go!

This morning I got up at 8 am, as Jamie was leaving to work. I literally sprung out of bed, and was READY to take my 2 exams today. I've been quizzing myself with the 30 questions (10 for my Adobe Illustrator CS2 written exam, and 20 for my QuarkXpress Exam). We had been given the questions and answers, and just had to study them. I know all thirty questions and answers OFF BY HEART!

Needless to say, I got 100% on both my exams. How do I know this? Because my teacher corrected both my exams infront of me, and then handed over her red pen, and I corrected the other exams for the other 10 students in my class. My teacher was busy trying to finish up over-due corrections and basically was thanking me for helping her out. It was my pleasure. I actually had a field day correcting. I love it. So, it turns out that Laura & I are the only two who got 20/20 on both exams (and that's because I let her look at my exams) though, other people did get 100% on at least 1 of the 2 exams. The marks were fairly good otherwise (between 16-19 on 20) and on one exam someone actually failed with a 58% (11.5/20) (12/20 is a 60% - which is a pass). I am sure he will still get a passing grade in the class, providing his other marks were good. The exams today were only worth 20% of each final mark. I am sooo happy that I got 100% on both those exams.

That gives me a 91% in my Quark Class (with my assignment marks & exam mark being= 9/10, 26/30, 36/40 and 20/20 - add them all up, it gives you 91/100). And in my Adobe Illustrator class I have a 92% as my final mark (with my assignment marks & exam marks being = 18/20, 19/20, 35/40, 20/20 - add them all up and you get 92/100). Boy, am I really happy with those two marks. In my final class with this one teacher, my Montage class, I am waiting on my final mark on the Die-cut assignment that has not yet been corrected. I am going to give it a week and then email my teacher (I have no idea how soon my final marks will be posted on the gradeline on the internet). So far, out of 60, I have a 52/60. I am assuming I'll probably get around a 36/40 on that final assignment (I know the way my teacher marks, Maybe even I'll get a 37 or 38 on 40). In that case, I'll get around an 88-90% in that class. Somewhere around there. Then, all I am waiting on, is my final assignment mark in my Photoshop class (the teacher is on vacation now, out of town for 3 weeks, so I wont be able to get my mark until it's posted as my final mark on the gradeline), but I know I definitely passed, all my other assignments from him average to around an 85%. For my other 2 classes, Estimation and Impostion, I'm just waiting on my exam mark for Imposition and my final Estimation assignment mark. In Estimation, I'm expecting a REALLY high mark on my final assignment, and with a 30/30 on my final assignment (which I know is very possible), I will have a 95% in Estimation. I will only be able to confirm that maybe mid-week, when I e-mail my teacher. (I so far have a 65/70 on the rest of my assignments in the class, and with 30/30 it brings me to a 95.) In my other class with her, which was a MUCH tougher class, I could possible have around an 85% in that class. (I so far have a 20/20 on all the exercises that were worth 5% each and 14/20 on her mid-term (It was HARD!) and a 35/40 on my final project - which is a 69/80, which is NOT bad at all. I'm GUESSING that I'll be able to aim for around 16/20 on her final exam, as it should be a little easier than her mid-term). I'll be able to confirm that mid-week and after tomorrow after I take her final exam. But all in all, I will DEFINITELY graduate, as I have excellent marks.

I am soooooo relived that it's all almost over. Tonight I went with Jamie over to the shiva house for the final night. They will get up tomorrow, sit shiva for 1 hour, then walk around the block. The mourners acknowledge that the shiva is over by leaving the shiva house publicly for the first time, taking a short walk around the block with those who have come to comfort them.The house that the mourners live in for the week of shiva becomes a house of mourning. It takes on an ambience of solemnity, filled with memory, contemplation, and meditation. But it is a house where people will continue to dwell. The concrete act of physically stepping outside, walking around the block, and coming back in, says that this house and our relationship with this house will now be renewed. That will happen tomorrow. Jamie's mom and one of his uncle's didn't actually live there for the week, they went home each night, to their own respective homes, and slept there, coming back for a full day each day. It's been a long week for them, and they are ready to finish the last day tomorrow.

Tonight, I'll look at a bit at my notes for the exam tomorrow, but I've been more interested in reading a the book that I started months ago! I finally have 20 weeks now before the baby is born, and want to catch up on ALL the books I've been meaning to read! So, tonight I've pulled out Diary of a Mad Mom-to-be by Laura Wolf.

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