Monday, February 18, 2008

february eighteen: 23 weeks pregnant

This morning was the first time ever, that Sean showed affection towards another kid (let alone to a girl!) Abby, one of 2 girls in our Monday morning class, was the only girl there today. Sean, walked right up to Abby who was sitting on her mommy, and hugged her. I ran to get my camera, and caught this picture before he stood up and went onto other things. But he had his arms all the way around her.... (more than what you see in this picture above). It was just priceless.

This morning we painted "Snow Scenes" with Q-tips and some white paint on black paper. As you can see, today, Sean is right-handed, though some of his paintings in the past were done left-handed. Not sure what hand this kid will write with... maybe he'll be ambidextrous!

My serious little artiste at work. (Yes, there is white paint under his chin and there is a lot more under there you can't see - thankfully NONE went into the mouth today, but it's non-toxic paint mixed with soap water today, so it wouldn't have been that bad had he gotten any in the mouth).

Sean's interpretation of a "Snow Scene"... Montreal in February, at night. I think it's wonderful.

This afternoon I ran a bunch of errands with my sister, and outside Costco, Sean was in a really goofy mood, looking all cute in his hood. Just look at that smile I get to see every day. I'm blessed. At Costco I brought back a package of Hummus that I bought recently, that didn't expire until March 2008, but that when we opened it, it had mold inside. Ew. Gross. Costco took it back, no questions asked.

While my sister did a return at a store in the local mall, I decided to check out Payless and see if they had any size 6 infant shoes for Sean. He's in size 5 now, but I always keep my eye out for great deals for the next size he'll be in (whether it's for shoes, clothing, etc.) At Payless they still had their buy 1 get another half off sale, and I found Sean 2 pairs of shoes. (The cutest things ever). I also found a bunch of shoes I liked (that were all on major sale, plus buy one get the 2nd half off...) so I took them, and I'll try them on here at home, and decide if I'm going to keep them, etc. I am going to fix my fave pair of sneakers (the sole is busted), and I finally bought Shoe Goo today to fix it. I'll let you know how that works. If not, I was in need of new sneakers.

Again, look at the smile on this kid! Seriously! I just love it. And usually I have a very happy kid.

This evening Jamie & I hung out on the couch, caught up on some TV watching, and I did some work. Tomorrow we've got UltraSound number 2. I'm a) expecting them to change my due date yet again and b) hoping that they still tell me it's a boy (though if they had made a mistake, I won't complain.... either way). I'm happy to be having another boy, but if it's a really a girl, and the technician really saw the umbilical cord twice or something, I won't complain either. I'll get my confirmation tomorrow again of the sex. I've heard of screw ups before...!

Instead of going to the Habs game tomorrow night, because our babysitting situation kind of fell through (my mom's a bit sick), we're going to go to the game on Thursday night. (Which works for me, because I'd rather go see the Habs play Pittsburgh (even though they're still short Crosby!) than to watch them play the Rangers. I'm crossing my fingers my mother will be feeling better by Thursday, and hopefully they'll take Sean for the night (sleeping in on Friday? Oh, that would be heaven.....!)

Also, in brighter news, the diarrhea situation is lightening up... his upset stomach is just about back to normal... I've still got to be careful with what he's eating, but we're getting back on track.
I better go catch some Zzzz's so I can be awake to go to Sean's swim class tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'm also hoping to tackle the rest of the laundry. Ever last piece of it... wish me luck!

Today I'm 23 weeks pregnant. I don't feel like photographing myself tonight, so you'll get that weekly shot tomorrow. Sorry... I feel too "blah" tonight.


Nichole D. said...

Awww, such a cutie! I live for those smiles and giggles.

Caroline said...

Sean is so adorable!

Good luck with your ultrasound today! Sorry you can't make it to the game tonight. I hope Thomas scores a goal for me ;)

Kat said...

OH that smile!!! He's soooooo cute. My guy was too sleepy/grumpy today still to make it to the store with me, but will get your bags tonight or tomorrow! =)

Mojavi said...

I loved the snow painting.. looks like you had fun!

Tara said...

Ah, the bargain queen strikes again! :)