Tuesday, February 12, 2008

february twelve

This morning we had our swim class (Sean's lesson). Last week I got him a one piece swim suit - (more for my aqua class tomorrow), since he just sits in a floatie and I'm sure his upper body gets cold. So, I found this (luckily) as it was the LAST one in 18 month size anywhere! I also took a 12 month size one, but that will be going back possibly tomorrow. We tested it out today, and it's great. Sean loved it and felt warmer in the pool. Phew! Good. And I think it's pretty stylin' too! My poor little guy, was wanting his bottle and didn't want mommy to snap his picture. So that's why the sour puss face!

Before we left the changing room, Sean was playing with the little girl who is just a few hours younger than him, and bit his tongue (on the tip). Those teeth of his are super sharp! There was a little bit of blood - but nothing serious. Poor kid - I'm sure this is not the last time he'll bite his tongue/lip/inside cheek - I know I've done it plenty over the years! But ouch - it kills! I once as a kid was jumping on my parents bed and split open my tongue.... I vaguely remember having to ice it. This tongue bitting this morning was not as bad as that.... he'll be okay. He shed some tears, and then two minutes later he forgot about it. This was my first blood experience with him. We've not had any scrapes or cuts yet.... thank goodness! And thank goodness it wasn't anything serious! Though, I'll keep an eye out that it doesn't get infected or anything (though, I don't think it should?)

This morning upon getting home I baked some cookies for the knitting guild's 10th birthday party. I had signed up for bringing something, so I made cookies. I was going to make an apple cake but I didn't have the right apples at home. So cookies it was. I baked them, and put them to cool and then went on with my day.

Took a super long nap with Sean this afternoon. We took a really long nap. It was really needed. For both of us. I was just zonked.

We got up just as Jamie got home from work. Jamie went to taste one of the cookies, and well, they weren't cooked properly. I'm not sure why. Usually I've always done them on my baking sheet with tin foil, but have been baking on parchment paper upon suggestion of my mother-in-law. Maybe the cooking times are different with parchment over tin foil? Anyhow, so that ruined, I picked up Tim Bits from Tim Horton's to bring - as last resort. I felt horrible bringing them - I really wanted to actually bake something - but that clearly wasn't happening.

Happy Birthday to the Montreal Knitting Guild! 10 years! Isn't this cake absolutely wonderful?

I worked on Sean's blankie at the guild meeting and it was a huge hit there - everyone was in awe that I'm knitting it with leftover sock yarn with US0 needles! That or they thought I was crazy!


Mojavi said...

i did the same thing with Kya for her swimsuits this year. I bought a 2t and a 3t.. the 2t was too small so it is going back :)

he is too cute.

I am so glad I got the swimming idea from you so thanks a bunch :)

Huckdoll said...

The cake looks awesome. Please tell me it was chocolate or I withdraw my last statement :P

Tara said...

Nice cake indeed! (except for the typo in French). Guilde de Ticot?

adrienne said...

poor sean. bad mommy! why didn't you just give the hungry child his bottle!?

summer said...

Sean looks adorable!!! even with the pouting face!!

That cake does look good!!

happy 10th!!

Anonymous said...

that cake was so nice but i didnt see it at the meeting did they wait until we left to cut it ruby

Amelah said...

omg he is too cute in that outfit!!!!

g-girl said...

he's getting so big! sorry to hear about the cookies..maybe the cooking time is longer with the parchment paper? very cool cake! oh, and I didn't get to comment on the cool stitchmarkers you added to your shop!